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Can this be a problem or still not?

Hi all,
just figured out ferocity, between mine most stronges dinos has difference of their ferocity about 557 points. (Tapejalosaurus and Carnoraptor) Can that b a problem or still not? If so I am going to get metriaphodon, originaly I wanted feed him to be strongest one in team but still with balanced ferocity, if Carnoraptor and Tapejalosaurus ferocity difference is already problem I can put that Metriaphodon among them.

Depends, if 557 difference is small compared to the actual ferocity then no big deal if it’s large then possibly a big deal.

Meaning if 557 is say less than 8-5% then probably not a big deal, also depends how far down the line this problem exists. So if your creatures have ferocity of 7,000 ish plus then a 597 is not a big deal or if you have 15-30 creatures that are close to that 7,000 level and only have one out at 7,500-7,600 then probably not a big deal.

But if you have creatures with 4,000 or something like that then it might be a problem, but then it might not.


You might get mixed views but that’s not a ferocity gap imo, it’s not going to make your events harder, or noticeably harder anyway. As long as you’ve got the creatures that can back up your top creature in battle without any issue then it’s fine.


I think I have Balanced ferocity - Balanced team except for a few minor differences (Ostaposaurus X Pterodactylus, Tapejalosaur X Carnoraptor)

I think everyone has been lead to believe that Ferocity is extremely scary. 557 ferocity is tiny. Yes, it’s a jump nonetheless, but there will always be a jump. It should only matter when you scale across rarities and the underpowered dinos relative to their tiers (like how Metrialong is weak compared to Suprannotitan).

To put what I am saying into context, about 2/3 months ago I jumped from L30 to L40 VIP dinos, and L20 to L30 S-Hybrids.

I have 9 L40 Ostapobabies sitting at 11443 ferocity. In my top roster, I would say it ends at my 16 or so L1 Indoraptors, who sit at 8985 ferocity. So across my top 50 dinos (more than half are more than 1 copy of the same dinos) My ferocity drops by 2458. Now I have 21 different dinos in my top roster (as in I do not count duplicates). This is roughly an average of 117 ferocity different between each type of dino in my roster. This is only a temporary problem because at my late-game level most of my dinos have 24h+ CDs, with some having close to 48h.

I know I am throwing a lot of numbers around, but just as an example, the ferocity jump between my 1st and 2nd best dinos (Ostaposaurus and Allonogmius) is only 784. I have no issues with my opponents.

Not a problematic jump

This is only a 866 drop in ferocity.

From your best dino (Tapejalosaurus) to Ichthyostega is a 2698 drop in ferocity. Among your 26 dinos, it’s an average of 104 ferocity decrease from your best dino to your worst. It’s not that bad, as long as you can still complete your events.

I am sorry if I threw too many numbers at you lol, I might’ve overexplained just a bit.

TL;DR, from what I see your problem isn’t the jumps in ferocity, but rather lacking the depth of your most ferocious dinos for harder events, like F4F. I think you’re just at the part where making the jump from L40 base-legendaries is hard because tourney dinos and hybrids are expensive, and VIPs are harder to come by. Thus a developing gap between L40 base-legendaries and L30 Tourneys, L40 hybrids, and L20 VIPs.

Fear not, even with my L40 VIP dinos, I still manager to complete about %60-%75 of my battles with my L30 VIP dinos. F4Fs not a chance, but that’s why I know to ONLY use my S-tier roster for those harder events.


This is why I phrased my response in the way I did, ferocity is relative to where you are with your lineup and how you ultimately play the game.

For me my strongest creature is 23,335 ferocity in spot 40 it drops to 16,491 this is a significant drop but it stays above 22,000 through my top 14 and only drops to 19,918 through spot 20. Again it is relative to lineup and goals. I also have to deal with the fact there are just natural gaps in classes that you literally can not do anything about like that the strongest Amphibian possible is only 16,794 so you just have to live with certain drops once you get to a certain level if you continue to level creatures. Even so I still use my level 40 VIPs in events they just don’t do as much damage as they used to.


I just took the next step and said that from what I’ve seen and calculated, Lucky should be fine.

What you said is very true, but it also depends on where you put your goalposts. If Gorgosuchus is your most powerful dino at 16790, and you have 30 dinos between her and your L40 Indom (12067 ferocity) that you include as your “top roster,” the data could be skewed if you excluded the Indom, and moved the goalpost and say that the end of your roster is actually at your L40 Priotrodon (14237). Excluding that 1 dino saved you a jump of 2170 ferocity (4723 from Gorgo to Indom, 2553 from Gorgo to Priot).

Thus I think we are arguing the same point, it’s just easier to draw lines with ferocity jumps at higher tiers of playing than lower. Thus it should just come down to how wide of a roster you can get for as little drop in ferocity. The wider and lower you can get it, the healthier your roster will be. Thus I feel it’s important for people to not fear ferocity, but rather understand the dynamics of how it works in the context of a player’s own roster.

I might be a little bogged down with my explanation lol, I haven’t had dinner yet.


I think you’re fine, but why aren’t you making any super-hybrids yet? You have both carno and tape ready to go.

Yes, Carnoraptor is prepared, I still need get around 500 S-DNA to get Dimetrocarnus. My S-DNA are set: Sarcosuchus/Velociraptor (dimetrodon in code 19 + VIP building).
Don’t want change Sarco right now, but maybe I change Velociraptor to get that 500 dimetrodon faster.

About Tapejalosaur… fundamentally I don’t fuse creatures until I get them twice. But my DNA save process for second Tapejalosaur was stopped, when was shown, metriacanthosaurus will get tournament this weekend. Get what I am saying, right? Yes I started working on Metriaphodon preferably. (I suppose it takes 16 days cca, from Monday to get him), then I save 52k DNA for another one. And then I come back to made a second Tapejalosaur and unlocking Tapejalocephalus

My Rules about two creatures before fuse no applicate that ones who don’t have unlockable part (like are nasuteratops rajasaurus, etc) or that ones who I made preferably (like that Metriaphodon) but in time I will max my legendary, Dimorphodon and Metriacanthosaurus will be maxed again, same like non-unlockable ones when I get 8 cards again

Btw, maybe is still too early for that topic… But about indoraptor… When I can get him? Level 1? If I count my ferocity get on 8k, I can get him, right?

Deep lineup of level 30 vip ferocity should be able to handle the indos ferocity at level 1.

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yep, I also think, when i will made level 30 vips, I can get indo