Can this game be played without spending money to get the better dinosaurs?


Where I live I’m just not finding that many of the dinosaurs I need to do much of anything. On top of that I have a hard time earning coins as well. My current team seems pathetic because I constantly get 10-30 when I fuse, rarely over, so it’s hard to even think about unlocking indominous Rex or other legendary or unique dinosaurs.


Hard to say some claim they don’t but their teams usually don’t look too legit. I myself was in same place bad spawns and way too hard to track down what I need. Spent a couple g aus dollars and started catching 2 trains a day from one side of my city to the other (bout 3 hours hunting per day) now I have 9 legendaries but still way far off a unique and still struggling in arena(just a higher one) . I would say farm events! actually gives more progress than throwing cash at incubators or speeding up arena ones.


The answer is yes, theorically.
If you mean that you don’t have to make the in-app purchases to enjoy JWA, of course you don’t have to, but it takes time to upgrade your dinos.
If you mean that you are not able to climb faster on the arena, like I suppose, the answer is that this game require resources to be invested if you want to progress. The resources can be the money spent in the game, but also the money you could spend on gas while hunting dinos, or your time spent on hunting, that maybe it is even precious.

So yes, you can play without spending money, but you will progress slowly, especially when you hit Sorna Marshes, the climb requires time, changing strategies and grinding dna.


Short answer… no. You can only get so far in your local area with finding free DNA, but there’s a point to where it stops being fun and starts being downright annoying. I don’t spend a lot, maybe $20 a month on game cash, then convert that to coins ( my team is getting to the point of having to need lots of coin to evolve ).

But battling in the arena can get you started on your way to building animals that aren’t in your area.

Incubs. Stock up on these as much as possible. Free DNA is DNA you don’t have to dart for.

Know which dinos are useful. If it’s one that is weak, or can’t be a hybrid, don’t level it. Eventually, your stockpiled DNA will come in handy.

Only level up the useful dinos, and rotate your team regularly.

Hit strike towers as often as possible. Again, free DNA.

It’s easy to start out by saying “oh, I’m not going to spend any real money”, but it happens. Just don’t get too sucked into it. Ludia already makes enough from the whales, I think that my $20 per month limit isn’t going to break them.


yes you can, play more long time then you will get it, don’t hope you can get it fast, because Ludia is a company, already create a free to play game, so no way would let you fast to get the best dino without money, they also need to earn profit and also need paid for employees or staffs. JUst don’t know why many people blame about p2w about this game, they thinking Ludia create this game for nothing and just let they play for fun, the blamer was so funny.