Can this game get any worse?

Well since the update this game has been a complete joke. In my last 35 battles I won 3…all of which were either timed out opponents or AI opponents due to the game not finding any active users. I’ve always had issues with this game and how truly awful it’s been put together. But since the recent update it’s hit a new low! Every team I go up against is like 5levels higher than me with stat boosts waaaay beyond mine. I honestly feel this game is rigged, so that you have to get the new hybrids…because my team which has always been pretty damn good…is now losing to ridiculous opponents…I’ve got a Thor that no longer gets any critical hits…even tho every Thor I face has had like 90%crit hit effect. My stuns literally don’t work…and I’ve given up on my dino’s with dodge/cloak as they die within one hit ‘EVERY’ damn time!! I used to be 50/50 win lose before update…now I’m like 95% loss! I had one potential victory earlier…only for opponents team of 5% crit hits to come back from their last Dino to crit hit my entire team out of a victory. This can’t just be bad luck…and those odds are ridiculous, to lose that many times. I think this might be the final straw and delete this shoddy, unfair game. I honestly regret putting the time I have into this game just to be robbed at this point.


Could be a pop up that appears at every launch that requires you to pay in order to play.

That would have been facetious before 1.5.

Thanks for sharing! :black_heart:

I feel you passion, and it’s sad to see all the effort and time becoming usless now.

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Yes it can i cant wait for then to add critical and armor boosts :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yep , you got it Rctuga .
And the first thing to get the armour will be Thora and the rat , along with an increased crit rate .
I can’t wait