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Can this team hit 5500? Seem stuck

Struggling to hit even 5300. Is the average team level just 30 at this point? Or is this the mm?

I really wanted to hit 5500 but so much of this makes it hard. Any advice?

The problem is boosts… Levels don’t mean crap anymore! I went from 5400 down to 4800 since they dropped the 100 boost packs a week or so ago… most of my team is 27-29 but I lose to over boosted teams and Dracos with 4.8k+ health that can survive most first shots. Sadly this is the new reality, it is pay to win and if you don’t shell out you can’t compete…


Not only is it pay to win, but you can’t even pay MORE to catch up!

(No, I’m not saying we should be able to - just pointing out the fact that only those who have bought every single available boost stand a chance)


it look like im not alone to face monsters to 5400…

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I’m a collector, but need to battle for the incubator only dinos. I never had the desire to be at the top, so I felt fine in Sorna / Lockwood. Maybe because I don’t set goals in batteling , i’m less frustrated. And now I am hanging around 4500. Progress is very, very slow.
People can 't boost forever, and with the changes of meta, I think everyone will become at the place they deserve to be ( eventually )
You are a good battler, so I do think you will hit the 5500. I made it to 4500, and if I can do that, i’m sure you wil achieve your goal.

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Hi wrothgar! Hope you and the family are well.

The answer is, you probably can but you could just as easily find yourself back in Aviary or even Lockwood Estate. My team is below - Magna, Dolrach and Erlidom are 6/6/6; my season high is currently 5330 but just this morning I got hammered back down to Aviary :frowning:

Arena makes no sense in its current state - I still battle though and don’t get have much trouble getting incubators.

Good luck my friend!

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you dont have a chance your rat is to small. You didnt have dinos on lvl 29/30, so you can kill rats with lvl 29/30. Then the rat will play with you and you cant do nothing.


I’m 5354 very close to my season high. Similar boost level. I agree first move that can kill rats is very important in this area of the table. As is your own big rat. Seems we all have different levels and teams and get similar trophies so who knows.

Guess I’ll post my team also. :smile:

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my team is just one win away from 5500. 30, 30, 29, 28, 28, 28, 28, 28. tier 7 average on boosts.


Makes zero sense that such diverse teams can all be crammed into Lockwood Library (and Aviary) and can yo-yo so madly. Wasn’t like that pre-1.7.


Thanks @PQC my friend!!! Fam is great - due to arena though and lack of progression the only one still playing with any frequency is my wife. The kids will login to dart new things once in a while or do a strike tower sometimes but its rare.

Yeah, I’m back in aviary this morning.

I really wish ludia would implement a good way to add net-new trophies to the pool during a season. Castle crush did this and you had the top players at almost double the trophy requirement to enter the last arena end of season (e.g. 5k to hit last arena top player at 9k). They already drain it once it’s a season. This would allow for progression - rather than <0.5% of their player base seeing the second to last arena - much less the last one.

Anyway, appreciate the perspectives!

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Yes you can hit 5500. You just have to drop all uniques for super boosted commons.

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I would say it depends on your boost. In your situation. I’ve been in the same range as you’ve been (5100-5400) but my team was higher average.
Just the mere fact you are up this high and with a low lvl team like that is an accomplishment. Your magna and erl are babies. They need a lot more health and power . In the last couple of I days I cleared 5500 and the players up here I face are in the top 200. Don’t be so hard on yourself and keep grinding.

these are my guys.

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Is this true? Wow. I feel special now! :stuck_out_tongue:

From what you’ve posted before I know you want to stick with all uniques, but I think that is more of a hinderance than a help. I also have read you say you can’t hunt much, which is also obviously limiting.

30 is indeed the new necessary to claw your way up. Unless you have über boosted stuff at around 26/27 that benefits from the mysterious and frustrating matchmaking.

Magna seems a weak link, as does tuo.

From what I see around the 5400-5600 range that I occupy, I hate to say it, but I don’t think you could hang there long, if you were get there.

With one rotating slot (tryo right now, sometimes Dio or indom) this is my team -

High score about 5650

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I was joking about dropping all uniques. It just seems that the higher I climb the more super boosted commons I run into. Probably because they are easier to obtain and it keeps the people running with commons from running into super boosted uniques. If that makes sense. I don’t know, sometimes I ramble.

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I know you were kidding, but you have a point. Some legendaries or even epics are extremely viable counters to the big guns.

Its true @Tuco . Soon as this loads I can show you.

Ty!!! I’m back to over 5k :muscle::muscle::muscle:


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So… making some assumptions here sadly but I gotta…

10 mil downloads. So long as at least ~275k people are still playing actively (we’re talking what - ~3%?) Then what I said is true:

17 people have seen beaches this season.

Less than 1375 people have seen gyro. That would be 0.5% of the active playerbase - assuming the active playerbase is at least 3% of the downloads.

This is due to trophy starvation.

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