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Can this team hit 5500? Seem stuck

I’m in a similar boat. Average boost 6/6/6 and can’t get above 5350. Average Dino level 28/29. Seems crazy that I can’t get any higher but I keep fluctuating between 5300-5100.

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I think you’re stuck because this is just my theory. There’s a certain way the game thinks that you should be leveling your team. Right now you’re going to get matched up against really high players like you are or lower ranking teams with high boost. So your trophies that you win and lose stay around 25 to 30. So you have to have some really good luck and play really smart to get out of that zone. Right now since my team is underleveled I am losing 25 trophies and winning 40. But I am in the 5600 range. That literally hasn’t happened to me ever.

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First of all I applaud you for being this high without a boosted rat on your team.

I can’t give advice since I’m at 4,850 trophies. But I will say I have a small feeling your Dilo is hurting your matchmaking results. Might want to hold on using it till the rest of your team is on par with that.

Which, that sucks… But trash matchmaking is punishing you for your progress on your Dilo imho. Then again that Dilo is probably tearing some dinos up lol.

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I need to name him

Hes swept many a team. His bulk allows me to stay my ground and trade blows much better than most folks realise. If I can revenge kill something, it’s usually game over- unless stun fails.

Its especially gratifying to 4800 rampage and run into my tryko.

But you’re right- when I dont get him its an uphill battle. I question why I keep my magna here - hes just useless at his level. Tuo is so-so. It’s good vs what its good vs (dilo, indo) and it’s really and vs what it’s bad vs (rinex, tryko, thor, erl). Erl is starting to be useful.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll try swapping him out for my 21 dio lol.


I think you would be better with a lvl 24-26 dino on your team. Considering your trophy rank the dilo could be pulling a lot of weight and helping. Not sure…

But that Magna is pretty out of place heh but its lower level might also help some. Of course we don’t know the real algorithm but considering what we do seem to know it might be helping.

I’m really working on the balance of my team myself. I want all of my dinos to be on lvl 24. Thor was another misclick…

This team has me at 4,850 atm. I could probably take Thor to 27 and Tenon to 26 but I don’t until my others are ready.

Still match making is ridiculous but balance is helping out…sometimes. Most the time I am going against way stronger dinos with insane boosts specifically things like lvl 28+ rat and Thors. Thor doesn’t bother me as much as rats though. Thor can be beaten with even lower leveled counters. But not when a boosted rat comes in killing those counters…

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