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Can we add a small nerf to compy

I get that many will argue compy has a wide range of creatures that can counter it but that just isn’t true with how annoying it is to deal with.
I keep going up against opponents who use a compy then switch to rhino then switch back to the compy and rampage which is just impossible to counter unless you have a flock of your own or if you made your team just to counter it.

Please add a small nerf to compy all that would be needed is a one turn delay on its rampage because it’s just too much

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I agree, maybe taking out damage reduction from 66% to 33% because it is an epic after all.

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Alert scurry is so annoying I wish ludia could change it to something else like doing ×1.5 damage instead of ×2 damage and stun resistance 75 instead of 100.


Most annoying part of the tournament this weekend. Rare+Epic compies on every team dragging battles out 10 times longer than they need to be

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They need to kill the heal. It either heals during the fight or swaps in with heal, one or the others needs to get removed. Its annoying enough to make me stop running the tournament.

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ok that what i will use