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Can we add something in the game to recover boosts put on a dinosaur accidentally?

I am hearing a lot of complaints from some people that they have accidentally boosted various dinosaurs and are having regrets.
I also noticed some players seem to think the people who had their boosts taken away from them, have an unfair advantage because they can now redistribute their boosts.
There are also players who horde boosts, because they want to wait to use them on creatures that are best in game/class.
There is also possible tournaments with strange rules, where boosting is allowed, but best in class creatures are not allowed in the tournament.
Also, if people don’t want to experiment, it will subtract heavily from the variety of creatures in the game being used. Nobody will want to play new creatures, until they have enough boosts allowing them to compete against other players teams.
So this shows a need for an item that resets a dinosaur, and allows a player to reclaim these boosts.
Now I understand this type of item could be either a random incubator drop, or a purchasable item.
You could have an item that rolls back some level of boosts on a creature.(Common)
You could have an item that rolls back all levels of boosts on a creature. (Rare)
You could have an item that rolls back all levels of all boosts on all your creatures. (Epic)
Please do not have items that don’t give the full amount of boosts back and destroys them.