Can we at least act like decent human beings

Finally achieved my season goal of getting back into Nublar. It was a lucky run and the subsequent 200 odd trophy drop was - as Thanos would say - inevitable. And yes on the way down I was going to be pummelled by some teams boosted way more than my modest little team - I could take that - I had my big boy pants on. Faced one team led by a boosted Thor with over 7000 HP and was duly demolished and at the end they flipped me the yawn emote.

Excuse me?

Oh I’m sorry, did my little team bore you? Was it irksome having to waste your time battling me?

Now it may seem like it bothered me; after all I am taking the time to write this, but it really didn’t. But there are others out there of a more fragile disposition who that may have saddened or angered - was it really necessary?

I won’t name and shame but if you are reading this a cheery “well played” or a generous “good luck” may well brighten someone’s day - try that instead. Or if you can’t say anything nice - say nothing.


That is low indeed


Unfortunately, it happens way too often.

The in game emoticons are a waste of time. Get rid of it. I am sure many are using it to taunt and discredit oppnent’s.

The second stupid thing Ludia has done. After boosts.


Ifyou face godzilla thors just put your phone asside and come back few minutes later. :slight_smile:


I’m not saying people can’t handle it - just it may make them a tiny bit sadder or angrier than they were - just as a nice emote can have the opposite effect.


I always use the yawn emoticon myself when I end up against an overboosted Thor or anything with speed over 150. You could’ve been the first one to it :slight_smile:
The arena is not a respected martial arts sport, or tennis. You can compare it to an arena, like back in old Rome where they used gladiators to fight tigers.


Sad but true

You don’t know if you’re playing a 8 year old kid, a grumpy old man or a convicted criminal. All you see is their dinos and afterwards a name. You can never know the real reason behind the tap of a button. People are a lot more different than you might think when you’re dealing with anyone from any country.
It’s highly unlikely that your opponent is from North Korea though!


If he is, @PQC is in trouble…


Yawn emoticon is also an adequate answer to Dracorat as last pick. I usually don’t use emotes, but if I do… :wink:


My baby boosted team is being obliterated by boosted teams in shores and I am really trying hard to get out of it but still hanging in there. Yesterday 12x battles won only 2x and today 18x battles and won only 4x.

I keep giving yawn emoji (to me its doing expression which resembles “shame” “shame” at-least based on the culture of my origin) to all those who have boosted dinos (actually insane boosted ones); to show them that they are just moron to spend this much.

Really gacing level 26 maxima, 30 Tryko, 30 thor, 26 Orion with much higher ATK/HP then my boosted level 30s plus speed boosts as you can expect.

Also lost to 135 speed thor, brought out my 133 speed Smilonemys thiking I am faster and he one shotted me.

Even faced one of the top guy with level 30 Gemini and I didn’t even checked his stat until my 4.8K HP creature one shotted by him. Found 2400+ ATK and of-course 8.5K+ HP.

Now of-course I am very happy to have a “shame” shame emoji on my finger-tip :slight_smile:


I do that for sure but only to those who are just pain morons :slight_smile:

No need to be rude; especially on a thread about mutual respect - if someone wishes to boost their dinos that is their choice - it doesn’t make them a moron. Now the exec at Ludia that thought boosts were a good idea …


Of-course it’s their decision and I am not asking them to not do it.

I am free to do and express whatever I feel, right? (not targeting someone directly).

That’s pretty direct

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ohh yes my mistake, but one of the top (or top guys is quite in a grey area range, right? :slight_smile: ) Removing it from my comment though

Thank you :+1:

I get the yawn thing or the “thanks” quite often when I have pretty much nothing left to work with after getting whacked by lvl 30s / 29s. Though it’s satisfying when I’ve got my best lineup and can take down those max lvls. My highest critter is a lvl 26 Kaprosuchus lmao.

I always start a battle with a “Good Luck” and end with “Well Played”. Politeness doesn’t hurt.