Can we at least act like decent human beings

I fully agree that the emotes are 100% unnecessary and right from the off it was obvious they would create issues.

Bullies will use them to wind up the more fragile, and if they weren’t there that wouldn’t happen.

Of course there’s the argument that goes ‘If you don’t like them, turn them off’, just like the blood, just like the arena, just like boosts, etc… until eventually you just delete the app. Which is a shame because that’s exactly what so many people have done.


I think u are just overthinking over this one. If emoji of some randomer in the arena can make u angry I think it´s your bad. Toxicity among online games was here and it will stay here forever. To be honest, I personally like if my toxic emoji can make my opponent next missplay. Example, I am using good luck when they hit me through my evasive stance or clock very often. Even crying emoji when they clearly missplay. So yeah, I am toxic, but I am trying to use it as my advantage. :crazy_face:

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I always start with a “good luck”, though occasionally I will throw out a yawn emote when I see a over powered thor. Because, let’s face it, seeing a over boosted Thor is boring now. They’re not impressive.

However, I have noticed a huge increase of people spamming the yawn emote.
This… Chi-person used it any chance they had with their 149 speed Thor and speedy Tryko:

I already knew I would lose, so I just put my phone down.

Gotta love having boosts for sale everyday. :roll_eyes:


Jeez that Tryko is faster than my Erlidom, I think that would deffo have me bringing out the crying emoji!

149 speed Thor? That sounds like a job for my erlidom. Not because of speed, but because she’ll probably survive 1 hit and eat the Thor in 1 hit if on equal levels. If not, cloak might do the job.

The Tryko on the other hand, it’s dead if I got Spyx on team.

I think the Thor had 2300 damage.

@Schtemty My magna is only 146 speed, and its my fastest critter.

Yeah my Erlidom could survive a 3450 hit since she has 3928 HP, unless the Thor crits. Its rampage does 4038 at the moment. Or I could go for cloak and maybe survive with more HP and deal more damage if the Thor’s hp is higher than 4038.

I had someone yawn emote me when I took too long to decide my move order. They had a max hp thor on the field and I was planning out my next 4 turns.
Didnt bother me that much. Was more of a “really? You’re doing this?” Kinda thing.
(They lost anyway.)


I ussually use yawns when someone pulls an overboosted Thor or Procera, especially Procera because I think it’s a really cheap way of winning…

I think we really need some kind of a reaction like “not cool” or something sarcastic like “wow, a real hero” when somebody pulls something like that… there is a lack of reactions when we want to let the player know that what they are doing is not right


Thing is, nothing is “not right”. It’s all within the boundaries of the game. It could be a dumb choice or weird or whatnot, but other than being bored by the opponents decision you can’t really expect Ludia to put more emotes in that could be considered insulting.

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Yeah, it crossed my mind too, and many times I wished we had a “pathetic” reaction, but then again, that would be insulting…
But I think a “not cool” reaction would be all right, it’s not offensive and sometimes very accurate after someone pulls a sly move at you

Sure, that could work.

those are people that have no sense of accomplishment or feeling of victory, winning or success at anything in their own real lives, so they just throw as much money as they can at this game to get it someway.

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They got the money to do so, which means they must have accomplished something to get it though.

Credit cards are hardly an accomplishment.


I don’t know how people use those cards out there, but here your salary goes to your credit card. If it’s your salary, it’s an accomplishment. This doesn’t go for kids of rich parents who didn’t even do well in school but still get thousands of bucks to spend on games.

142 Tryko… That’s actually kinda cool.
Something I wouldn’t expect.

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Here, they give you credit cards happily, the higher your debt, the better your credit… until you can no longer make the minimum payments. Then you pay $1000 for a lawyer, go to court and they eliminate all your debt.

Rinse and repeat.

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Well that sounds like a recipe for national disaster.