Can we at least act like decent human beings

Or you could just pay them off immediately.
Holding a balance isn’t a great idea.


Can we keep on topic about emotes and not start another discussion on the merits or otherwise of whales.

Thank you :+1:


Agreed, I see no real value in the emotes. They are generally used to taunt players.

There’s really no need for this.

Edit: Unless they add a “Good For You” emote, which can be shortened to “GFY”, this is the one emote I can get behind!


I’d want a “Sorry” emote for when matchmaker puts me against people who are unable to do anything.


That’s another one I can get behind. I feel bad when you are matched against someone that has zero chance of winning… a “Sorry” emote would be a welcomed addition.

Goes for both zero chance if they’re too low lvl/low boost, and for when the game ruins it for them and they can’t do any move until they restart. It sucks to lose because it takes ages to return to a match.

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This just happens to be completely relevant to this topic (and absolutely hilarious about it as well) about the emojis.

But I agree I think there needs to be more options. I would like a true Good Game and Sorry because those are what I would often want to say to someone.


I’m no saint. I can’t help but give a yawn after I drop someone’s huge IndoG2 or turbo Thor which results in them literally not playing anymore (happens way more often than you’d expect.) But most of the time if I use emojis or words, it’s usually a nice or a well played when I see an unconventional dino or if my opponent made a good play.


When someone sends me the yawn emote, I just send them the thumbs up and then send yawn after every move. I don’t care if I win or lose at that point.

try to keep it to nice or well played. i’ll throw up the angry emote when the rng is just not going my way on occasion.
only when someone is spamming the yawn emote will i sometimes retaliate with my own. other times i just turn emotes off until i want to use one myself. saves some headache.

Just a short comment/note - those asking for positive emotes I have to think haven’t been in other games (hearthstone comes to mind immediately, as well as clash royal and castle crush) where the positive emotes are worse than the negative ones.

So annoying to get the “thanks” emote spammed
Or the “well played!” Emote spammed when you make a mistake - or they counter you


Bottom line is what’s already been said - anonymity seems to breed this behavior. It’s rough. Emotes weren’t necessary. But since they’re here, I at least try to be an example of how to use them nicely.

We all can too.

A call to act more civil by the OP is to be commended. We cant pretend things will never get better - or worse believe it - because that becomes self-fulfilling.

Spread positivity!


Very well written, once again.
As I’m trying to get across here in some of my messages, you never know what the other person means, what their state of mind is, what that emote means in their language, or how sensitive they are in general.
Similarly, my post got flagged and moderated because I believe it’s being misunderstood. And that’s with actual words, not even just emotes.
I once got flagged (and even banned) because I used this smiley and someone thought I was being offensive: :stuck_out_tongue:
Lost in translation… All I can say. Better to remove these emotes altogether I suppose.


I’ve not had the emotes used on me here yet. However, it does happen from time to time on Waterdeep.

I just send them the smile emote to laugh it off, except that I am crying on the inside. :sob:


I still say that the game needs a “good for you” message. But since it would take too much space, it should be abbreviated with a GFY acronym. I believe it would cheer people up.


I agree that the emotes don’t seem to serve a good purpose in the game.


The only time I use the yawn is when an overboosted Thor heads out and I’ve no chance of taking it out. Emote, phone down. I genuinely don’t see what benefit the emote is other than trolling.

Very happy to send a well played if its deserved and I’ve been beaten by skill rather than boosts. Happens more than I’d like to admit. :grinning:

Genuinely think a sorry emote would be an excellent addition. Plenty of times I’ve been matched against a far weaker team and it simply wasn’t a fair fight.


The emotes are great for communicating during a great battle to compliment your opponent on good play. It’s nice to have when you really don’t have any other way to chat with them, if you don’t share common discord servers.

I just wish there were more text options like “you’re winning this one because I got a horrible draw”, or “I didn’t see that coming”, or “I got lucky”.

We just had an emoji discussion the other day on reddit on what and when we use them.
To avoid getting banned my response was more or less…

Nice: When the opponent pulls a sweet move that caught me off guard. Usually a creative swapin.

Well played: End of the match if it truly was a good match. Usually either 2-3 or 3-2.
I used to worry it could be taken as snarky, but good matches are obvious.

Thanks: When it’s a sketchy draw as is but then the opener is a complete disaster (He draws rock and I draw 4 pairs of scissors bad) I intentionally throw it, they know the deal and catch on and end the battle fast as possible. At a 2 min que with opponents that think things out, I always thank the ones that speed it up.

As the one I want added? a simple “GG”.
Kinda wondering why that wasn’t the first one they made.

As for the yawn emote?
I guess that depends on where you’re at in the arena.
Everyone I fight is at a high degree of boosts so I have to study each dino and they have to look at mine.
Any dino that is boosted in what you think is an odd build can be extremely deadly when your opponent plays it every day and doesn’t see it odd in the slightest.
It’s not exactly chess but it’s closer than it used to be…
Someone that speeds through the battle as fast as they can is a rarity.


I use the yawn emote when they take forever to make a move. Either pick the move with a sense of urgency or do not waste my time. I also use the yawn emote when I encounter a player that vigorously embraces their absence of originality with open arms and without relent.

I often take a little while to pick my move because I am trying to think 2 or 3 moves ahead if I can and think about all my choices. It isn’t often as obvious as it seems if I have a bunch of swap ins in the back and I want to decide if I want to save the dino I have out, or sacrifice something else. All while trying to predict what my opponent is trying to do.