Can we battle again as soon as tournament ends? moderator help


When this tournament ends…

Say for instance people are on 4005 trophies, so they get a prize…

If we start battling again just after the tournament finishes and we happen to drop below 4000, will we still get our prize? How does it work…

I’m scared to battle again


Don’t all answer at once :upside_down_face:


you are probably good to go but i am unsure


Take a screenshot, with timestamp visible. But I wouldn’t battle for a bit after tournament ends, just to be sure. That’s just me.


I’m on iOS how do I get a time stamp ?


But I don’t think we will get the reward for days… I haven’t battled in 3 days…
Don’t want to have to wait any longer…

Would be great to hear from you mods? @Ned


I am hoping something comes up at the end like in JWTG that show what you won even if you don’t get it right away! At least I can screenshot it!


Hopefully we get some answer


Worry not @carlsberglewis, the moment the tournament ends your Trophy Count is registered. Regardless of whether you win or lose subsequent battles, the Trophy Count that was registered in that moment is what will be considered for the results of our first seasonal tournament.

Hope this clears things up!


Moderator approaching at2:00 A clock

He beat me by 1 second :joy:


Thank you for the answer


Thank you very much for clearing that up… I’ll be battling as soon as it ends :slight_smile:


What is the exact time this will finally be over and I can battle for fun again???


You could time an egg on the current timer. Less than 5minutes