Can we buff levelling up/fusion based achievement awards? Or at least give every levelling up/fusion achievement a title, badge or an emote as a reward?

A lot of these achievements require a lot of coins to achieve them and they give nothing back in return. For example… The mission unparalleled innovator (Getting 5 Uniques) costs over a million just for the levelling up of each dinosaur needed. And it gives 5,000 coins. That’s less than half of a percent of what you just spent to get to that achievement.

Then there’s the Isla Nublar Alpha achievement which gives 500 coins. Getting a dinosaur to level 20 from level 16 costs 115,000. Times 2 so around 230,000. And you barely get a quarter of a percent back for that

Or if you want a lower level mission as an example there’s Grand Purussaurus. To acquire that you need at least 4000 and you get 250 coins in return.

Last example will be the Higher Containment Walls achievement which gives the same amount as the Grand Purussaurus achievement. Which costs a little over 40,000 to get. That’s 0.625% of what was spent getting that achievement

You guys don’t have to change every achievement reward in the game but at least have the levelling/fusion based achievements give a minimum of 10% of the coins spent getting them or give them a completely different reward type.