Can we change up the holiday themes?

The past couple holiday themes have been pretty much repeats of past years. The same goes for the upcoming Thanksgiving week. Why not add in more dinos that fit the theme? This would’ve been a perfect place too add in Velos as it looks like a burnt turkey to begin with


They haven’t released the schedule for the harvest event yet, so who’s to say velosracos isnt part of it?

Also the holiday events from last year are awesome! Especially the Christmas event.

Although I probably have a bias because I’m trying to make monolorhino :laughing:

Someone already posted the calendar in our discord, and it’s the same as last year

I’m not saying completely change them! Just give the new stuff a chance to also be highlighted if they fit the theme

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Oh, I understand now! Then I totally agree.

I think the majority of those who play this game don’t play more than a year so they can repeat and most wouldn’t even know.

This was last years Thanksgiving week:

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I would Want to dart a gemini

Are you sure that it wasnt last years that they posted? I feel like ludia has alot more options when it comes to a bird event now than they did before

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It’s not the same

Just the Epic Strike tower is different from last year. Pfft.

It’s the same but in a different order. That’s what was posted in my discord