Can we dart unique more than 1 times

I made this thread to just ask can we dart antarctovenator more then 1 times; because after championship I will get about 170 dna of antarctovenator and I want it ,

Usually, with the legendary and unique creatures, you get 1 attempt and have to choose which one you want to go for.


i don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but there have been occasions where Ludia gave us multiple attempts for legendary and unique creatures. i remember we had 6 or so attempts with multiple legendaries (phoru, indo g2, alloraptor and a few others) as well as 3 attempts between stygidaryx and thor.

can’t say if it will happen again, but it isn’t totally out of the question.


True but also with the way coins and treasure chases have been getting nerfed, I doubt they’d give us more dna.

they did a 5 attempst when i started. i only got like 180 allosino dna cuz i darted i indom. you should be able to get 80 dna with just one attempt if you get at least 8 10 dna hits. for me, i get 21 per hit and get about 150. i would say that to get it that way, you should be at least level 10

we are all really annoyed at the moment. if they do let us have multiple attempts at the uniques, then i might say they are driving in the right lane

my level is 17 but my darting skills aren’t good

but I will try my best to get above 80

It’s an easy one to dart😉. I am confident you will unlock it

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Yeah, I do recall once when I think we had three to split between Ardentis and two other options (I don’t recall what they were)… then yeah, later on we had Thor and Stygi for St Patrick’s. Definitely has happened before, but frankly, I don’t anticipate Ludia will do it for the Uniques. At least Antarcto should be fairly easy, given it’s a lil lizard

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They shouldn’t give more chances to dart, I still remember seeing trykos in arena 2 on the first St.Patricks day event :fearful:

1 or 2 are fine but please not 5 again

I only need 2 times