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Can we decrease the cap of speed mods to 10 !?

This is something I saw @arugono say on one of the post, that the mods should have a 10 cap instead of the current 20 boost cap for speed, attack and health. I think that’s a good suggestion. And because boost are here to stay, I think this would be a good solution to the current boosts system, for the sake of making them a little more cough balanced.

  • The cap for speed, health and attack boosts should be 10 instead of 20.
  • Only the cap for speed boosts should be 10 instead of 20.

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Fun fact: Before I made this post I fought against a nitro thor :))))) … and I lost the battle :(((((

That would mean that Thor can’t go over 129 speed


If the cap was changed to 10 for all boosts then all max boosted creatures would be exactly the same which would make the endgame very boring; capping just speed would reduce the imbalance somewhat.


Yea, i also think thats the better option.

Reducing only the cap for speed boosts would also help speedsters.

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Reducing the speed cap is better, but only coz it is closer to having no boost impact at all. This boosts is better than the last boosts, but it is still rubbish.

Maybe just change +2 speed to +1 speed