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Can we get a coin sale this weekend please

The past few months or so has been very difficult to get coins In game because there is no longer chest hunts. Please help us out by having a coin sale this weekend for this tournament or at least more often.


They already did a big coin sale recently. I’m sure more will come soon

I’m aware, but we don’t get them as often as every other sale.

I imagine it’s because that’s one of the big obstacles for progression. They don’t want to give out so many coin sales so you don’t progress as quickly. Also, it makes sense to hype people up for the next one by having them wait awhile. But since Ludia is Ludia, I guess we’ll see.

that was a good one last time. Pretty sure HC was on sale too. let’s hope they do that again.


The +50% coin sales are really nice.


Good luck. You will get your sale. VIP store has some ok deals on them randomly.

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