Can we get a 🐳 emote?

It would be perfect for battles against teams like this:
Screenshot_20200402-205409 Screenshot_20200402-205905 Screenshot_20200402-205849


Gotta love that match making. :sob:

This is the same person btw. Lol
I’ll admit, I yawned at them.


Got no business being in library either or it’s a very bad PvP battler…

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Completely agree.
Probably only rely on their boosts to win

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There are no whales in Lockwood Library. Whales are by definition few, far between, and elite. Spending money does not make someone automatically a whale. Think $500+ dollars a year for a whale. That’s what it means in gaming.

Okay. Gets out a Basilosaurus*


I totally support a :whale: emote! :joy:

I’d end up leaving a dent in that spot on my phone with how often I see them.


Holy mother of Tryko speed Batman! :scream:


Pretty sure this person has spent more than $500. :roll_eyes:

Even I before I stopped spent about $600 the first year and ½ the game was out.

Or they did a LOT of tapjoy offers.


It seem this super sonic situation calls for the tryko repellent Robin

I am in library and it is teams like this that made me quit the arena altogether. Have not played in weeks and don’t miss it. May drop someday to play my Legendaries, but the game’s allure is fading honestly.

To your point though - Yes make a whale emote!!


I’ll just bleed that and be on my way.

Those are terrifying lol.
I don’t have a single creature maxed, or with a maxed stat, yet.
I just noticed you said this is one person.
How are they in Library, if not intentionally?


That’s what I’m trying to figure out.
Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me and their trophies say 0. :woman_shrugging:

Here’s how they get in Library there with you.
Screenshot_20200331-011137_JW Alive

And then on there way back up they pull those type of creatures out. Let’s not forget this one.


I was wondering if they were a dropper or not. But everyone in my alliance has been having some crazy match ups this week.

Shouldn’t it be more based on creature strength in library? I have nothing near maxed…

Nope library is all trophy based. And that power based matchmaking is a royal joke. Combine that with awful trophy rewards/losses, you get a system that keeps you there and is the biggest pain to get out of.

Ugh… So annoying.
I’ve barely been doing battles the last few weeks in normal arena. Boosts have just taken the fun out of it. :frowning:

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When I see things like those pics and a stupid procerat like this stroll out. Not going to lie, I just close the app and do something else. Try again later no point in yawning they will just spam it back or spam thanks.

So closing it and doing something else helps. It’s not to be rude but from a competitive stand point. A thing that can dodge, distract, nullify, outspeed, and kill everything in one shot. Waste of my time, pass :slight_smile:


Yet why they were invented in the first place, to gain $$$. When they are described as “wanna make your Trex faster than a Velociraptor?” We knew it was gonna be bad. Combine ALL THAT with the matchmaking and trophy systems, look what we now have…

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Wow, never encountered max boosted monsters like that in the library. I recently benched all of my high level boosted creatures and made a team of level 20-24 unboosted made up of hybrids I rarely used prior. Dropped to the Aviary but I’m having way more fun battling. Don’t worry about trophy count, discovering new counters and new strategy, and avoiding whales like this.