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Can we get a month?

Just one month of you fish sticks not screwing up and screwing over part of the playerbase?

Please? Just a month…


Let’s start with a week and go from there :wink:


A week may be asking too much also. :laughing:


it was only .00001 that benefited… its ok… NOT!!!

thats their default excuse now for not fixing things.

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Ludia let their feelings on fair play known back when they didnt roll back everyone from the last batch of unlimited boosts says. They further cemented this handing out boosts for support issues. They have only gotten worse from their…multiple regional events… botched alliance mission rewards… botched tournaments… botched strike towers.

At this point its pretty safe to assume Ludia is gonna mess up some time next week and a portion of the player base is gonna be feeling left out.

at this point, i guess we can count on hopefully benefiting from daily screwups?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: