Can We Get A Sore Loser Emote? OR Can We Freeze Emotes For Late Gloaters?

I love to tease my opponents, but I hate when they tease me at the end only when their victory is clear. I feel as though if you weren’t using your emote before at least it was clear you were winning you don’t deserve to emote right at the end. I think it should either be barred from occurring once the win percentage exceeds 86% and is down to one more victory for the opponent to win ONLY if there has been absolutely no emoting up to that point. Be very clear about what I’m stating.

If this is not possible then give us a “Hey! that’s not funny” or “Sure… now you say something” text and maybe an emote that like symbolizes the opponent as not being confident enough to tease early on. I’m not sure yet. I just Late Game Teasing abolished! We need Late Game Tease justice!

Who’s with me?!

To be honest initially it could at times wind me up,but I’ve learnt to ignore them so personally I’ve no preference, whatever floats your boat as far as I’m concerned, however you could argue that there’s more important things within the game that need attention.

people will play how they want to play. if you’re not a fan of them griefing you, turn them off.
there are more pressing issues that need address then to add more emotes.


Yeah, like adding a chat box to the raid lobby.


Yeah, but that’s not the point. This is not like other threads. This is about principle. This is about the usage of the emotes being frozen under certain conditions. @Qiew

I have no issue being teased if it is reasonable, but when you did not have the confidence to do so early on you should lose your right to do so once you see you are set to win. That just feels cheap to brag once you KNOW for a fact you can’t lose. It’s cheap and despicable and disgusting in terms of sportsmanship.

This is a call for fair sportsmanship.

But that is funny to do tbh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

How is it funny?

How is it fair?

For someone to put themselves out there when they are up and you stay silent and only when you win you emote OR sometimes they will be losing then come back THINK they’ve won and emote then lose then have nothing to say.

I feel like they should be punished. We should have the game read this behavior and make their phone scream out a loud audience laughter while a hand points at them. But that’s being a bit ridiculous on my part.

Seriously, what’s wrong with freezing Late Term Emotions?

Oh and for those saying just turn it off… it doesn’t work like that because I know it’s still happening and it bothers me deeply.

Look, it doesn’t make sense to gloat until your victory is clear. Imagine you pull out a velo and your opponent does the same. If you tease right then, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s more effective to tease right when you swap in your stegotops and land a stun.

I see your point. I know early teasing has its downfalls too, but I think it’s fine after each individual kill. I do it that way. I just still think it’s just as slimy to do it only when you know you’ve won as it is to assume you’ve won and you lost as it is to overdo it early and without reason as you have not yet killed anything. I disagree with and oppose all three of those.

So let’s freeze them or limit the amount of times they can be used. It would fix battle lag anyway.

From now on you’re allowed two emotes after each kill. Getting the last emote in matters to me as well so as the winner your emote should come up on the victory screen.

But that’s the whole point of teasing. When you know you’ve won, that’s when you tease.

But there is a time to emote and in consistent measure. Why not after each kill as a mandate?

It is cheap to do it at the end. A true teaser teases when they have more momentum.

Which is at the end.

Don’t fill the forum with these useless topics. Emotes don’t contrib to the game in any way and you can turn them off any time. Focus on more useful things like raid lobby chat or MM fixes.

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If you’re out looking to tease, then you get what’s coming to you. I prefer real sportsmanship like the good ol mutual “well played” at the end of the match.


It’s not a call for sportsmanship. It’s you doing emojis and other players focusing on the match. Beating you then sending an emoji. Seems like you are just a sore loser.


No after each kill. A kill puts you ahead.

No. I win a lot, but I just like emotes when it’s consistent. You shouldn’t assume things I’ve made it very clear it’s not an issue with emotes it’s an issue with the execution and when they occur.

But see I also oppose that. You should never do something without meaning. Why say well played unless they did something that was actually well played? For example when they swap to Dracoceratops and I swap to Stygidaryx they sometimes say well played just as one example.

That’s unfair to say my individual experiences don’t matter. We should never silence any views because at the end of the night they will prioritize whatever has gains the most support.

I would argue it’s more “useful” as it is a feature, albeit a small one, of the game as oppose to drawing up hybrids that will never come into existence or making up forum games. I’m not opposing them however because there’s a place for everything here.