Can We Get A Sore Loser Emote? OR Can We Freeze Emotes For Late Gloaters?

your principles. not the other person’s.

not everyone wants to get into an emote fight early in the match and would rather focus on trying to win. if the other person is spamming me with emotes, i take that as a sign that they are trying to distract me ( a valid strategy) and will in turn throw a laughing emote/ yawn emote out at the end if i win.


I can not believe how many people are equating emoting early to being unfocused. I focus just fine. You do realize we can multi-task?

That’s a silly assertion to assume we can only do one thing at a time. Most people don’t even use their entire countdown to really think through a move so let’s not go there. Many don’t plan thoroughly enough.

As a poker player I advocate that more people use their time.

I never said it was the emotes. You don’t like how people use them. A lot of people here don’t like how your complaining about it. Does that mean the forum should freeze the ability to post about it.


No because the game trumps the forums and therefore my voice to complain about the game matters more because this is a literal outlet for speaking and therefore complaining about my voice would be directly going against the point of the forum because it’s not breaking rules.

However, the very fact that there are rules backs me up because it keeps the “sportsmanship” and civility of the forums in tact. So I’m right.

This wouldn’t ever work because the game won’t have a feature that will decide who is the likely winner, honestly that would be nonsense. Besides, fair or not, people have the right to use emotes in whatever way they wish. I feel that If It existed in the game, a feature like this is nothing more than unnecessary censorship.


But the game can read when a creature dies. So all you’re doing is basically coding in the usage of emotes for one side only and only after each kill they acquire.

And for those against me you are forgetting the other side of this which actually is a very pressing issue you are all overlooking.

Emotes are killing the game by basically taking away wins from people by intense freezing due to emote spam. Turning them off does not matter because the other person’s reality still affects the shared experience of the game. So you can’t argue that.

Emotes don’t take away any wins, can you even prove that It freezes people’s games? If It does it’s a bug Ludia should fix, but not in the way you said. It’s just a tool to communicate with your opponent. It could be a positive or bad interaction. In any case, i disagree with the premise of your argument. This is just unnecessary and arbitrary censorship.


I have expressed both a personal use issue as well as an overlap with a literal game breaking issue. Yes, everyone has been complaining of battles freezing and moves not being able to be chosen and default strikes etc since these new emotes have been added.

With more emotes and thus more incentive to use them on top of the text yes… it’s not inaccurate. They are freezing the game and whether it’s a bug or not we still need to limit these. What’s so wrong with two emotes being allowed consecutively one after the other after each kill?

Nothing. It’s equal. It’s fair. It stops freezing. It maintains the integrity of teasing.

That’s just an assumption, there’s no evidence that the freeze is caused specifically by emotes, could be another unrelated bug. And even If they are the cause, your suggestion isn’t reasonable.

You don’t reap what you don’t sow. You absolutely deserve to be emoted if you emote others. If you emoted me, I would go town with laughing and thumbs up once I knew you lost.


It’s not that your individual experience doesn’t matter, but you are giving yourself the autority to judge what emote use should be allowed or not. Why is the way you use emotes correct and the other one isn’t? If both ways are being used to tease the opponent can you really describe them as morally right? I’d argue not. If you have the right to tease the opponent how you want then the opponent can tease you however they want. If both are allowed we have a fair system, even If It isn’t exactly an exemple of sportsmanship.


But… the difference is I respectably teased you in that scenario. It’s a cheap tease. Don’t you get the value of a respectable win over a cheap win?

I don’t want to get in trouble… I want to give an example, but… I’m struggling to so let’s just say…

There’s a contest that centers around height and you beat a child that’s only 3’4 and you are like 6’7. That’s cheap.

If you take a detour in a race and cross the finish line that’s a cheap win.

If you are in Call of Duty and you pick someone off after someone else did all the work, but you got the killing hit that’s a cheap victory… I could go on and on.

Same applies to emotes.

Emotes are slowly becoming tired & unappealing tbh,I’ve reached the point of forgetting there even there it’s getting less common to c them used too, & I battle dozens of times per day, the new emotes tab definitely slows the game down especially on older devices such as the iPad Air that I’m using right now ,I wouldn’t bother if they just got rid of them altogether imo,

Yes, but this addresses freezing while also giving fair and equal use of emotes throughout the battle to drop spam because as we addressed earlier turning them off doesn’t stop freezing because it’s still a shared experience.

I’m sorry, did you just compare cheating in a race to receiving unsportsmanlike conduct after exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct? Lol. Either don’t be a jerk with emotes, or accept that people will be jerks to you. That’s how things work. You don’t get to pick.


If you are spamming emotes early aren’t you also responsable for those freezes that are supposedly caused by emotes? :roll_eyes:


If you don’t like emotes, just turn them off.
Joke’s on them.

:popcorn: :popcorn:


No because I do it only after a successful kill OR before one like when the opponent makes a mistake. Emotes are like communication so they should mean something. Would you just start yawning at a random person on the street?

I like yawning at people in the game when I down a dinosaur or laughing when they make a mistake.

How much for the popcorn?

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