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Can we get an update, please?

Among the sea of complaints right now, communication is something I feel needs to also be a priority. There’s only been a few posts since 1.7 dropped, and since then a tornado has gone through this game.

A couple days ago there was at least a little something dropped, but nothing since. You really should be engaging the players daily, especially now. Myself, along with lots of others, have seen long term members leave because they are beyond tired of the situation and beyond tired of sitting on their hands waiting to hear anything. Once a week isn’t going to cut it.

The last post concerning the boost exploit, while it’s a step, doesn’t sound to be addressing the boost issue as a whole. That exploit, only sped up some of the damage. That damage was going to be done regardless without it. Making them able to be purchased (which I understand from the business side) was a giant miscalculation. I’m not sure what these analysts are doing, but before 1.7 and now multiple times a day you have a ton of players telling you what’s wrong and what will be coming down the road, again. They are doing that for free. A lot of them, the players not the analysts, were right before and are right now.

We all know about Marvel movies. Aside from having the power of Disney behind them and long term characters, you know another reason why so many fans LOVE those movies? Because Marvel has time and time again shown the fans that they care about their product and the fans alike. That they listen. They engage. Or at least do one hell of a job pretending they do. I remember the internet plastering pictures of Hawkeye shooting Ant-Man off his arrow from an animated series. Did you see Civil War? “Im good arrow guy, lets go lets go!” Either way, take note.

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That’s because the dev’s are still investigating the best approach to take, we can’t update you when there is no update yet about boosts.

Jorge updated a post about this weeks tournament that will address everyone’s concern about AI. But beyond that, we have nothing to give atm.

Also, I have never seen the Marvel movies or the surrounding communication (just not that into it) but I am gonna take your word on it. Saw the meme’s things, it got weird and I left the internet for a few days.


Don’t worry don’t cry, eat a donut and fly.


Referens 101010


Thanks for supplementing buddy :grin:

I figured that would be a response, and I’m not shaming you for it, so please don’t take it that way. I really didn’t expect a “This is how we are fixing everything right now Omega” with bullet points. My point was MORE communication in general even if it’s a simple as “We feel like we are getting closer to a resolution” or “How does the community feel about this? or that?” on a more regular basis. Sometimes, saying just a little something is better than nothing at all. It gives players a reason to try and stick an issue out as opposed to just getting completely fed up and deleting the game.

I feel like that’s somewhat a dead issue at this point. While people are certainly not going to forget it, they moved on because there’s nothing being done about that tournament. Most would assume that’s not going to happen again.

no worries. im sure you guys are working hard on it. maybe a 100 speed boost pack for our patience is all we need then :grin:


I fully understand what you’re saying, and if I could explain the process and procedure this side that makes that hard I would. All I can do is say it’s incoming which after 4-5 times of saying in a row even I hate how much of a broken record I sound like.


I feel if nothing is done and there explanation is all we get. First you will see more vip cancels. Then you will see a lot of posts about it for awhile. You will see a decrease in play. And top it off with there will most likely be more cheaters. Because why not?

I’m not saying ban people. I am saying something more than an explanation is due. If something doesn’t help make honest players, fans, and customers feel welcome again. We’re in for trouble.

I think some moved on from the tournament glitch not me though can’t say the same. I want to try to be involved in the next one. But I can’t get over the let down of the last yet.


none of this will ever affect my life and i can gladly say… i moved on. its a game. more important things in life.


I think I sound like a broken record too though lol. Obviously they know about it. And working on something. I just hope for a good solution. So we can get back on track in our game here.

Sad seeing some leaving and that stuff. And while I don’t plan to leave. I just want them to know the severity. Thanks for at least saying anything though.

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Hey they found time to put a special offer incubator up for sale to cheer up the players…

Said no one ever…

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It doesn’t affect mine either. But I’d rather try and help to save a game I really enjoy playing, instead of letting it go down the tubes.


I doubt that is there response to all of this lol.

Can we get an update, please?

oh god no, they are dreadful at updates.


Obviously not but if they can find time to do that, they can at least communicate more.

Yeah I suppose, but that is an easy task. Thinking of what they can do to try to fix things without hurting themselves and making things right is harder. I just hope for anything tbh. Analysis may be thinking too hard. As a few solutions could do it. Maybe plugging in the ideas are hard too (without new bugs).

Yeah I don’t think it effects lives. But it does effect time. Time invested in a game. There is plenty of games out there to use the bit of game time people have. So making them feel welcomed is a key.


I think it’s safe to say, whatever they decide to do will not sit well with every player. Some will accept it, some wont. I don’t envy them having to make a decision that could ultimately decide the fate of this game.

I think the biggest lessons learned are to test your product before release. Always anticipate hiccups and have a plan to correct them. When something occurs, communicate with the fan base as soon as you can. And then make it right.

I feel so much of the anger could have been avoided if we had stronger communication from the get go. There is only so much a Mod can do and they act as a middle man.


They had the chance to stop the tournament before it even began. People would have accepted this due to the game being unplayable.

They had the chance to stop the tournament last weekend, but chose to wait and see until Monday.

By doing so Ludia themselves made many exploiters. They are in fact the main “culprit” here by failing to take action.

This is their biggest mistake. They waited until the problem grew to an impossible task. And in so doing they managed to award exploiters and piss off a great number of players when the exploiters got their rewards, and players who played legit either quit or got next to nothing for it.

I’m guessing we have waited a week for an update because they don’t know what to do or say now. The cleanup is many times harder because they waited too long.

If they have halted the tournament immediately the situation would be easy compared to now. As most would likely have accepted this when 1.7 was a disaster to begin with.

No bans or other actions would have been needed.

Now on the other hand they need to find out what to do with the players who deliberately jumped in on the exploit, and earned alot by doing it, among other things.

Ludia should just ban everyone. That’ll teach us.