Can we get an update that's focused on user experience for once?

We don’t need 10 new creatures every update. Most of us would love an update that just fixes bugs and makes the user experience better (ideally by throwing the garbage that is Dracoceratops into the trash, but that’s just my opinion).


I feel like they all are

we actually kinda do
w-Rhino counters anyone?

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Why not both? New creatures and bug fixes aren’t mutually exclusive.




That would be cool

but at the same time, i feel that ludia, purposely take out 10 creatures per month AND at the same time reduce the possibility of getting coins.
Because lvling is expensive,you won’t be able to lvl up some creatures and creating the new stuff (which is expensive).
The coins reduction has occured in treasure chases,the shop where coins offer has dissapear and in the tower strike which had reduce.

So, it is clearly a marketing operation where we drown the consumer under a ton of new dinosaurs, making them think about spending in order to ramp up their creatures.

They should either decrease coin cost or increase coin gain, add de leveling and they are going to add stats so that’s might be fun to see

If Ludia actually wanted money, the game wouldn’t be this badly planned. New creatures dun need much coins to make and level up.

Ludia seems to enjoy being unfriendly to the players who want to support them and cater to the toxic elements in the community such as the PvP at all costs crowd and the “I raid for me” people. The recent update has been one where those who spend actual moolah were told to sit aside and let those who wanna make the game unplayable be the ones catered to.

Where is the cash cow aspect? Boosts? Hahaha I barely could find 10 boosts the whole of 2 weeks from grinding and any form of purchases. Scents? Dun work for short range spawns. Raids? Buy what exactly? So Ludia isn’t greedy, its just not thinking. Best case is its impulsive. Worst case its malevolent.