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Can we get faster Scents?


I was hoping with the update we’d see increased spawn rates, perhaps I’m doing it wrong but this is how I understand scents. The scent while running will spawn a dinosaur every 2 minutes, a 5 min scent will spawn 3 dinosaurs and and 20 minutes scent will spawn 10. A fully battery lasts about 40 seconds while catching a dino, meaning that over 20 minutes, only 10 minutes is spent catching dinos and the other 10 is spent…doing nothing. The dinos disappear after the 2 minutes as well so you can’t just wait and catch them all after letting it sit for a few minutes while you do other things. Can we decrease the duration of the scent so that half the time isn’t spent sitting there for no reason?

I don’t mean to hop on the hate train that seems to always come through on this game, it’s just a pointlessly frustrating waste of time to have over a minute between spawns.

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You should be using that minute to move far enough from the last spawn that your next spawn is two dinos instead of 1.


It would be nice to have a skip button, I would save lots of time every week passing on the majuns. :wink:

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is that how it works? does it do that every time?


The first spawn is always 1… after that if youve traveled far enough youll get two spawns instead of just one. Its always better to use scents while moving because of this.


I had no idea, I wish that would be more clear in game! Thanks for letting me know