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Can we get more commons

And it doesn’t look like it unless ludia make a super rare unlock week for super rares with no unlock (ie rajasaurus, parasaurolophus etc).
And no you don’t unlock Utah by battle stage only special event

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So is there going to be a rare unlock week soon for 35+ ?

Rare Unlock Week was last week, so it will likely be a few months until the next one. The most recent Common Unlock Week was back in January. Common Unlock Week happens approximately every three months. Rare Unlock Week happens approximately every six months.

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Oh come onnnnn

So for 35+ players when is it gonna be?

And is common unlocks for lvl 35+ next month then ? or April??? and @Indoraptor08 when is the next mono unlock gonna be? For under lvl 55? And over 35?

@Notorious_3000, your question(s) have one answer : patience.

Andy has mentioned the answer already. Read his reply one more time and you’ll find everything you need to know.

It would also be best if you condensed your message into one post than spreading it across so many. There isn’t any hard and fast rule of the same but it seems more decent.

Yes, what will be the weather next year? What are your plans for 2054? :crazy_face:

Thanks @Tommi for that first line…

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