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Can we get our game back

Can we please get the game we all fell in love with back. I am sorry not long ago I would have recommended this game to everyone hands down great game. Now I can’t bring myself to get people to play. The arena are nothing like they use to be. You would work to get new Dino’s to counter the Dino’s you would see. I built my team to fight the teams i would see. Witch made me go out and find the Dino’s in the world I needed. Now the arena is nothing to do with the Dino’s it is all boost if the other team has more boost might as well turn the game off you are not going to win. So why go hunt Dino’s when all you need is boost to win. No skill no strategy just boost. This has killed the fun of the arena. So why go hunt for that new dino for your team if it is going to get killed in one hit by some rare dino everyone has had sense the first week playing. Sorry got on a rant. The only way I see this game becoming fun again and worth putting your time into is remove the boost. Give all in game money spent on them back and take boost out forever. All I see on the forms are people calling for boost to go away why won’t you listen to us. Boost was a bad idea own your mistake and fix it you will have more people happy that you owned the mistake and fixed it then people are currently happy with it. Aslo side note are you ever going to fix the new Dino’s so they stop lagging the game every time someone fights with them?


That non-boosted arena is overdue … They have one for the other Jurassic game, so why not here too?


I’m really tired of seeing these posts. Can’t the people who dislike the game just leave it already? Or else just pile all of your posts into one general topic? My goodness.


2 rats and the St Patricks event were enough of a balance headache. Yet those were the good ole days lol.


So you are tired of seeing people voicing the concerns on a game we all love(or once did)


I’m tired of there being eighty different threads for people to ignore the very real hard work the devs have done and make it into some kind of personal attack against them, absolutely. Condense it into one and leave the forums to actual critical response.

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Reall hard work haha, ok uncle tom


Alright go code a game and market it for free despite needing to pay the people involved in creating animation, models, backgrounds, battle maneuvers, AI, etc and then give it to people who do nothing but complain about having to pay for remotely anything

It’s disgusting.

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I totally agree. Actually: would normally.

But: The 1.7 introduction itself and the boost idea/implementation really are just a HUGE mess up, they really are. Like “game breaking” huge in my opinion. And I think you can’t point that out often enough.

And I do think, the devs/management know as well - At the latest, when they get the proper figures on how the game did the last month. There’s no way, 1.7/boost worked/will work as intented (push revenue in the long run).

So many people quit VIP, stopped spending money on deals, stopped playing altogether. I’m well connected to about 10 (formerly) quite active alliances and they all lost around half of their playerbase and of the other half many are only playing on because they are “too” committed, not out of fun.

And it’s mostly the committed/(formerly) paying people who are writing the - in the vast majority constructive - (original) posts here. Do not count the mor…ons posting their 5 words of tra…sh somewhere down the topicline - you’ll find those anywhere.

I do agree to OP in one very (maybe the most) important point: I really LOVED the game. I would’ve recommended it to everyone - I actually did to literally every PoGo mate from my huge community when I met them while hunting. Now, that’s pushing revenue in the long run, if almost everybody playing the game feels like that.

Now I only play, because I’m committed - and going back to PoGo is just … meeh.

So, YES please: Give us our game back.

I’m the first to rebook VIP, buy hc and other stuff if it’s working well/balanced again.


Consider that all the “very real hard work the devs have done” pre 1.7 was going towards making the game sustainable and fun. Every release had a little balance added to it, nerf here, buff there… It made battle enjoyable and challenging. Yes, not everyone agreed with how they balanced, but it did seem to work out well.

Boosts took all that previous “very real hard work the devs have done” and tossed it right out the window. What good is ‘tweaking’ stats doing now? Lower one Dino speed by one so that is has a viable counter, or IS a viable counter in the game. That all means nothing now, users can boost to whatever they are capable of with available boosts. Yes, at max boost it will all go back to original, but what happens in the meantime? Chaos.

It is almost like they gave up trying to create a balanced Arena and threw in the towel. All that “very real hard work the devs have done” was wasted effort.


Boosts aren’t that fun anymore. At first it was because it gave us something new in a stale game. But now i battle for less than an hour a day instead of my usual 50-100 battles. It’s boring seeing the same garbage over and over. Oh, you boosted the hell out of your Thor and DC? So did everyone else. Yay.


It’s even worse with erlidom, those are virtually unstoppable at times. Utarinex as well.

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50-100 battles per day?! :scream:
How do you keep your phone charged? :battery:

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Yeah Erli and Utar are definitely annoying these days. I have a beefy Tryko though so that helps with Erli. I had to boost the crap out of my Dilo just to deal with all of the Utars. Dilo was my neglected dino with the first round of boosts, so I gave it extra love when they reset them. Literally just to counter Utar.

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I think the biggest issue. Is the meta hasnt really changed since 1.5. Three patches is just to long without a meta shakeup…

Last two patches have given us 1 tyrant that is prolly on a smaller percentage of teams then the last boost glitch…

Stuff like proceramimus, edmontonsaurus, and purra arent bad and can be quite good but their also at the level at your own risk situation because they are all candidates for hybrids themselves.

Boosts also create an issue in the future where Ludia is gonna have to nerf stuff to the ground harder then monomimus to get people to ditch their tier 7+ boosted dinos so future metas arent likely to be much different.

If Ludia was smart they would do a 1.6.5 with some buffs to some underused dinos along with a sale on a special type of boosts and strike events with boosts that could only be used on those specific dinos that way newly buffed dinos could be brought up in a way that didnt result in even stronger thors erlis and dracos.

But honestly the coding and balancing required to do this is most likely beyond them.

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Great post well said!

Will add: Make the birds great!


I think boosts have a purpose but should not be available on anything less than level 30. I think it should also require dinosaur dna to use it on the dinosaur you want to boost. I.e. boosts are the new currency to take your dinosaurs post 30.