Can we get some actual dinosaurs

Dear ludia,
The past three updates we have gotten only cenozoic creatures. Dont get me wrong, they have been great, but for the next update I’d like to see some more dinosaurs. Maybe you could add the ceratosaurus from jurassic park 3. Or the velociraptor from jurassic park 3 as velociraptor gen 2. Maybe even look to the mattel toy line for ideas of different dinosaurs like tapejara amd styracosaurus. Or you could even add dinosaurs alongside cenozoic creatures. Like mastodon and gigantosaurus


It would be nice to have new dinosaurs in a dinosaur game :upside_down_face:


Yeah. I feel like that a lot people don’t like Cenozoic, and actually prefer Dinosaur, pterosaurs, and and other Paleozoic creatures


I want Yutyrannus and Ceratosaurus!
But i still like some of the cezonics. Personal favorites of mine.


Good point☝️

Keep in mind that everyone likes pterosaurs but they arent dinosaurs.


Another good point :point_up:

The problem with starting to hate this game is that Cenozoic mammals have been in the game. I don’t care about that, but aquatic creatures is a problem


how so? other than the logistics of having them and land/ flying creatures fight each other.

The reason why I say aquatic is unlikely is because there’s no water for them to fight

Aquatics would be interesting and cool but i dont see how they could be implemented in the game.

So wait; you’re ok with suspending disbelief that we’ve gone back and reengineered dinos from ancient DNA, then cross-bred them with each other (some nowhere need close to related) and having them fight in some sort of insane arena gladiator style (but somehow never actually TOUCH each other) but you’re hung up on “but there’s no water”?? :wink:


if they did it like JWTG, where they separate them into their own arena, might as well make a new game.
other than having them only useful in a special tournament, idk how well they could be integrated.
probably why Ludia hasn’t touched the subject yet.

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Yep… Made a topic about it last month and I’m about to make another one this week with some arguments and suggestions.

JWA wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be a dinosaur game.

I guess you got the point

Gonna be totally honest here, i like the new turtle.

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It’s cute so it doesn’t count. But if I hear anyone say they like the designs of the new hybrids I’m gonna freak

prepare to freak.
i like them in a weird way. They remind me of Monster Hunter. So… I like them and i want to beat the gems out of them.

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I get your point, don’t worry; just poking a little fun. :smiley:

I just think if they truly wanted to, they could make it work. Shift the battle over to a water source just off camera “that’s been there the whole time” and continue the battle. Or just have the ground give out and WOOOSH, in comes a pool. Who knows… Since they don’t actually interact currently anyway, it doens’t seem like too much of a stretch to say, add a bunch of splashing moves.

But, as was said, it’s obviously something they haven’t figured out yet; being we’ve gone this long without them.