Can we get some actual dinosaurs

I want some of the dinos/pteros that we see in the toyline. I mean I’d love to see these in the game:

(pics from jptoys)

Even if they are similar to other dinos, I’d still prefer to have more of them than the cenozoics.


Some of those are in JWTG.

Not sure why another deer though…:brain:

Because Megaloceros is the only deer in the game?

What about megalogaia? Just a deer with spikes.

I meant non hybrid

GAHHHH!!! I respect your opinion but GAHH

I like it, but in the way that makes me want to beat it up with a sword over and over again if you get my point.

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I wish… You may just call it Cenozoic world alive Ludia if you are just gonna give us cenozoic creatures for now on!

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I want the dinosaur with 500 teeth!
Google it

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Nature said: let’s give this thing 500 teeth that it will never need.

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The weird thing is that there are complaints about the Cenozoic creatures on their social media, too. Literally complaints about it everywhere.

I don’t mind Cenozoic, but that’s not what I want to keep seeing going forward. There’s a reason the toy line doesn’t include them, and that’s because people don’t associate Jurassic Park as a franchise with woolly mammoths and deers. If I wanted to play a game with those guys, I’d download Ice Age Village.

In fact, are there Cenozoics anywhere in the franchise outside the Ludia games?

deinonychus please

Not happening i already know.

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They probably don’t want to make new models lol


Yutyrannus, Styracosaurus, and Sauropelta would also be nice.

More pterosaurs would also be welcome.

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(same era as dimetrodon)
I think it looks cute

Love that era, how about fighter plane “lizards”

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You know what’s missing? Barsboldia

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The thing that reminds me of MH is those front legs with the diagonal-twisting scales. I think Zinogre has those too.