Can we get some BOTS in PvP plz?!?! /s (sarcasm)

I’m SURE these are real players and they’re so active! No matter the time, day or night they’re online and ready to PvP me anytime, please can we get some bots, I’m tried of playing these REAL players all the time they’re too difficult:



You’ll get the /s once you’ve gone passed Arena 6. Till then enjoy actual people you are battling :wink:

Those bots are tough especially Tommus he hitting all 4 of my heroes taking a lot of HP from me that fire sword of his nasty.

you forgot chocodz :confused:

I haven’t played against you in PvP @Chocodz not sure if I had played against humans.
The list of name @Hmmm has mentioned I get those bots as well.

I played again bots a lot lev 20 and my heroes lev 17 and I win xd I have better equipments all legendary Lev 4

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All legendary you lucky devil my heroes have 1 or 2 legendary at level 1 PvP I lose all the time, I get to arena 7 but that is short lived by one battle back to arena 6 for me my worst enemies are Rogue, Saarvin and Tommus.
Rogue goes through my team 1 at a time killing my hero 1 shot with her 4 hits.
Tommus flame sword destroys my 4 heroes in 2 moves.
Saarvin bow wipes out all 4 of my heroes in 1 shot and most of the time those bots are level 10 destroying my level 11 all heroes are level 11 no matter what combination of heroes I have in battle the level 10 bots destroys me before arena fire get a chance to flame floor :(.

I just wish they would scrap the PVP till they fix it. It is so pathetic its an embarrassment on the game. The bots are ridiculous… mind you, people have been complaining quite a bit about it and it just seems to be getting worse.

Survival improves if you’ve spent a lot of money on the game, no doubt. Sadly, that’s what they are trying to encourage I think. Make it frustratingly tough so that you spend more money.

Most of my hero’s are level 12 and I’m hovering around 2600 points. I wish I got to play real players as I usually can beat them. Ranger/Saarvin the bird hero at level 11+ has the ability to kill all hero’s with 1 shot on the very first turn. WAY OP. I did not focus on leveling him up but it’s annoying as hell when I cannot defend against him. Another thing I wish the developers would fix is the wait time for your turn. If your hero can’t attack, can’t move, and has no more abilities to use then why even have a countdown for your turn? Wish it just skipped it as when your stuck watching nothing for 10 sec. Also the same goes for when I want to stay put but can’t attack sometimes when the countdown ends it forces my ranged hero to move forward when I want them to stay put and just skip their turn. Sure wish that was fixed as well.

I’m curious as to how much you play and how much you’ve spent? All my hero’s are level 12 and I play around 10-20 events a day and I spend around $100 weekly. How on earth are your hero’s level 17 @Chocodz ?

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Nope, never played you yet. probably because you’re sitting below Arena 7. Those bots are all at Arena 7 (maybe arena 5 and 6 too, not sure)

@Jammer2 money power

I’m around 2600 and I saw my first human opponent in a week. The player base is so small in tier 7. I’d like to see a weekly “moment of glory” type event for pvp to get more people logged in and playing matches for a couple hours. Give like a higher chance for good chests or allow us to replace chests for the time so we come out with the 4 best chests from the hour.