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Can we give names to our creatures

I have names for a good amount of my creatures but I wish we could actually give them a name. Why not? It would be a small but fun addition. Like in Dragon City and Pokémon Go.


I also wanted that since 1.7 launched

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The game needs more ‘useless’ but fun additions lmao…everything’s getting too serious. I love a competition but damm do I want to see some goofy nicknames too


Yeah. The game feels almost like a job rn and I think that’s why people are leaving. It’s a game and it’s supposed to have small details that make it fun

I’m totally up for this.


I would probably name my Geminititan dimorphodon to throw people off


Idk if we’d want it to come up in battles. Maybe just in the lab

Could come up when checking the stats. Species: Tyrannosaurus. Nickname: Fluffy McToothface.

That would be great. I see zero negatives to doing this


Only 1 negative, and that is for Ludia to deal with: word filters needed for nicknames. So no one names their critters offensive terms.


Yeah but they definitely have one for usernames. So it wouldn’t be that bad

I would literally just call everything Dave for the LOLs

Now that you suggested this I want it rn


Do you want to name your creatures

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Bruh why vote no

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This comes up frequently. For me, if names are personal and only you see them, then I have no problem. But if I log into the Arena face Rexy McRexface, instead of a Tyrannosaurus, I’m not going to be a happy bunny. That would be one thing to break my immersion in the game.


I see what you mean. I think it should come up when you check the stats

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But I wouldn’t want to see that though. If it was implemented, then perhaps it should be another option that you can turn off so you don’t have to see them (same as blood splats)


I think the option part sounds fair. Though I’d want to see what people come up with. When PGO allowed nicknames to show when people put a pokemon as their buddy, our group had quite some laughs.

I agree if there would be an option to hide nicknames, just as you can hide emotes. I understand someone wants to name his creature, but I don’t want to see this name. I just prefer scienctific names, also I’m pretty sure some players would give really dumb names to their creatures