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Can we give tryo 1 more speed?

Right now its such an incredibly - medicore, I guess - trago counter. If its a level up forget it.

For a tank buster, it fails pretty spectacularly in its role vs trago imo.


I totally agree with you @wrothgar …

I think tryox speed is fair tho…
haha but it’s tragod that needs to get slowed down.

Lol, your thought crossed my mind many times

It doesn’t make sense for a tank to be that fast.
It’s shell looks really really heavy :joy:


:joy: agreed!!! Id be fine with slowing trago down.


Honestly i think that tryo should be reworked, i thought of 125 Speed (for your same reason), a slight health buff (right now has less than 3000 health at 20, though buffing its health too much would make It unstoppable), and rtc should be changed with something else, the main reason for this is the fact that its health/Speed don’t really allow him to lose a turn to buff himself.


Usually only buff (r2c) against counter attack dinos


Yeah i think so, you can also use it when you predict a switch, but its still a move used really rarely, i would prefer an impact move, mostly because tryo can only go for aps or rtc on t3 (in standard matchups of course), which Is pretty bad.

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If they Nerf one more Dino I’ve invested in I’ll explode :exploding_head:


Some day I’d just like to see the game stats more accurately reflect the description text for dinos-
For example, the other “Try”…Trykosaurus
Speed check? T-Rex 102, Akyn 115 = Tryko 108?
Faster than either, you say? Huh… Not quite
(Perhaps I’m taking too much liberty in associating agility with speed, but until the game uses an agility stat for things like native dodge I’ll stick with this)

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as we see, tryo is a legendary…i think ludia will design a unique version of tryo…

faster, and more powerful…

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Doubtful. There are no hybrids of dinos that are already superhybrids in the game.

Same reason why everyone expected an Allosino unique, and still expect a monomimus unique. Theyre not superhybrids, which makes them good candidates.

Tryo is not a candidate


But as fas as tryo speed, i feel like it got lucky just to get bumped up to the tie of tragod as is. although i do agree it should be outright faster, whether it gets more speed or trago slowed down


i think if they are to make a super hybrid…they will nerf the legendary first…then plus a little new function…

Tryostronix is a superhybrid already. Thats the point.

There are no hybirds of superhybrids in the game. Thats why im saying its not a candidate for a unique.

The best canidate for a unique rn is monomimus (not a superhybrid).

this chicken has been nerfed around 1000 health

if there is one…

1702x1.5 runaway

then health @lvl 26 =3600 again

how about stegodeus? will it have one?

Stegodeus is a superhybrid. So no

Being a candidate for a unique has nothing to do with it being nerfed. Its currently made by 2 non hyrids, which means its not a superhybrid. Therefore making it available to have a hybrid

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Tryo is good, you just need to know how to use him! If your throwing RTC on a t rex, that’s your fault.
Hes a really good dino, and you cant use him wrong and then come tell everyone about it here.
Every dino is bad in it’s own way.