Can we go back to being outraged that two refund tokens are in the paid passes?

I wish i could say i was surprised but I honestly wasn’t. Ludia internationally never said they would only be available through Alliance Championships but man, the only reason people are buying the $40 pass is because of the attack refund token, aside from the tokens I feel last month pass was significantly better. The only “free” token we get is speed which i think generally most of us he have a fair amount of speed tokens so they make us pay which wouldn’t be awful if you could de-boost me than ONE stat on ONE creature :roll_eyes:


Would be nice if you could get them in strike events once a month or something…

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Ps happy cake day!

So ur asking for the community to waste tine being upset about the boost reset tokens instead of being grateful?

Grateful for what?
It’s like being dehydrated and someone gave you a tiny drop of water even though they have a full bottle and don’t need it.


It’s better than the no water at all,besides tokens may become a permanent addition to the pass,maybe next one the free one has health while premium with attack and grand premium with speed

That’s still nothing compared with what we used to get.
When Ludia changed monolometrodon and sarcorixis we got a boost shuffle.
When 2.0 came we got a boost shuffle.
I think there was also another one when maxima was nerfed.
Now they won’t give us any shuffle again and we get one free token a month.
So if you want to change your boosts on your team, you have to wait 8x3=24 months. So two years. And we don’t know if the next pass will give us tokens. Like they gave tokens once before this pass and it was months ago.

Thank you!

Complacency is what this game wants, did I call for us to cancel VIPs or just outright not buy them? No I did not but there are many of us who did not like the implementation of them being added to the pass and the feelings dissipated. There is a platform for a reason to discuss how we feel about the game for a reason, telling us to be grateful, some people may only be able to only get the free boost token. Is it fair to them to have to miss out on the others? Most games are more fun when there is not a divided player base from my own experiences.

yep boost tokens are a joke reinstate the boost reset and stop hording our wallets

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Is anyone surprised that the distribution of Boost Tokens would be a scam? You could see that the moment they were announced in place of an actual reset. What a joke.