Can we have a Legendary incubator after 1000 wins


I noticed on the acheivements you get 50 dollars for 500 wins. Also on the 5th 8 hour incubator you have a chance of a 12 hour or 24 hour incubator right? (Even though at times i have to get ten 8 hours before i get 1 and my family rarely if ever get the 12 or 24 hour and I don’t know why)
I just thought it would be nice if we won 1000 games we would get a legendary incubator as an award that takes 48 hours.

What do you guys think?


That would be cool. Or at least a 24 hour 1.


Yeah it would be nice and ive only won around 600 battles. So it wouldnt unbalance the game


Before even have something like this, can we have statistics ?? Like number of battles, number of wins…

The only solution for now is to not validate missions…but since I already validate the victory one for the cash, I only know that I have won more than 500 matchs…

And by the way for the incubators there is a pattern of how many 8 hours you get before having one 12h and there is another cycle before having the 24h one. You can find all the informations here :

To sum up, not counting the subcyle (3h 15min 3h 3h), you have 9 8h in a row then a 12h then 4 8h then the mighty 24h then 4 8h before another 12h and then it starts again with 9 8h in a row.


I approve this message. :+1:


Statistics would be good too :slight_smile: but we need more people speaking out so ludia hears ha


I definetively agree with this! Maybe with 500 wins (greedy mode: on) XD


Well they award 50 dollars for 500 wins. On 50th incubator you get a 12 hour and on your 75th you geta 24 hour and your 100th incubator you get another 12 hour.

So every 100 incubators you get:
60 3 hours
20 15 mins
17 8 hours
2 12 hours
1 24 hours

So with that in mind i dint think it would be unfair that on your 500th incubator you would get a legendary. But a 1000 is more realistic if you ludia wants to keep making money :blush:


I think it would be cool to add legendary incubators 36 hour hatch and unique incubators 48 hour hatch and make them incredibly rare to get instead of the 8 hour incubator similar to the 24 hour ones


Well lets face it, after 500 incubators most players have a team of epics and maybe the odd legendary. By your 1000th incubator your bound to have several legendarys so really it would help with progress and f2p. So it wouldnt be unfair at at your 1200th to have a unique inubator but maybe 100 unique DNA 200 leg dna 1000 epic dna xD and maube 15000 commom.


This may have more relavance now we have a new tourny that makes a few rich people richer xD


Also we should get lime 50k gold coins because of the rarity of it :grin:


So I still think this should be a valid reward. The question is will it happen? Also we seriously need a stats page