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Can we have alternate daily quest

The ability to close a quest and get an alternate is awesome for when the quest is impossible (Eg complete x in explore when your completely stuck in explore) or too arduous.

Could we have the same thing in the daily quests - an ability to replace one of the three daily quests per day?

Reason Eg I had to play rock monster which is absurdly easy and tedious 10 times in order to pick gems twice and thereby complete 1/3 of the daily requirements

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I like this idea as well

Agreed. I hate the โ€œDo X damage in Battle with ____โ€. We have no control over who is in our Battle party, so you can literally go dozens of battles without the necessary character ever even appearing.
Swapping to a different quest would be great.


Indeed. I canโ€™t stand the push pull quests because I donโ€™t have that set up normally. Had to change the gear on my characters