Can we have an areana for real dinosaurs?

I get it. The game needs to stay fresh in order to keep the players playing, but the number of unique and legendary dinosaurs is ridiculous. I just want to battle real dinosaurs and not get killed by these “abominations”.

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You’re perpetuating negative stereotypes about what it means to be a “real dinosaur”

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Its not as important what a dinosaur is at birth, only what it identifies as

Wish my Trex would identify as a Tryko once in a while…


it’s a game focused on creating hybrids, if u want to play just with dinosaurs go to Jurassic Park Builder :]

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Well, I have a real dinosaur sitting in my living room hogging the tv…

I agree. I play for the dinosaurs. There are too many hybrids. But saying that the game needs something to keep players motivated and hunting down specific dinosaurs to get a desired hybrid keeps a lot of them motivated.