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Can we have an talk about certain dragons

Just wondering if we can have an open conversation about the elephant in the room for Arena that everyone is aware of but no one talks about:

How format warping Gritty Sawmaw and Mythic Murmurquill are. They just need to be nerfed further to be brought in line with other dragons.

I, like many others, have had battles where gritty sawmaw gets her ability off 3 times before I can get any of dragon’s abilities off once simply because of poor luck chains that dont quite kill him and then she recovers to near 100% health. Mythic murmurquill isn’t quite as problematic but only because shes fast instead of very fast.

Both of these 5 stars for 6 months have created an atmosphere where you essentially need to have atleast GSM if not both of them at 5 star to succeed past a certain point. It lowers diversity amongst teams and makes the game frustrating if you havent happened to get lucky breeding either of them. FYI I have a 4 star GSM after near 5 months of exclusively breeding for him and spending thousand sof my flight club members ruins to speed up breeding. Just crappy luck for me but I’ve gotten 6 copies of Fleetsleet but only 2 of GSM.


I don’t know like other people, but my opinion is: Go away with nerfing! I have a maxed Murmur and Sawmaw and I know that it’s insanely hard to fight against them in arena. I know that. It’s hard even for me who has them both and maxed. But I am not complaining. Because there are so many strategies how to defeat them. For example ability lock, dragons with “can’t heal” ability… And when you realize it, your life will be so much easier. But nerfing them is unfair. It’s unfair to those who invested time and money to have them. Also nerfing is really bad. For example do you remember whag happened to Shifty Murklurker? How they nerfed her? And now it’s such a useless dragon. And also there are MANY unreleased species of dragons so maybe there will be an ultimate counter against them. We don’t know. So stop talking about nerfing and just think about what you can improve in your team.


Honestly ability lock Is useless if i can use it only After 2 or 3 times gritty uses his ability.
Same goes for cant heal ability.
GSM and mm charge too fast.

A good game design makes choices and variety count; here the only choice for arena defending team Is gritty, murmurquill and a third.

And btw i have GSM at 5 stars and mm at 4


Well they have been nerfed but just not enough. And people didn’t ignore them. Since the first season of arena people has been talking about this.

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In my opinion, the issue is not with the dragons themselves, but with how the defense team gets energy. It’s pretty unreasonable they get energy whenever a gem hits on them - it doesn’t matter if the gem was operated by the player or cascade after the operation. So the defense dragons takes no time, if not more than 3-4 rounds, to release their abilities. This is too fast!

The arena game is now pretty much expected, at least in the top 50 fights, where you wish you could take down one dragon or manage to get a energy reduce before round 3. Otherwise you’re screwed and game over.

This is the current state of the Arena game and admittedly it feels terrible.

To those who think it’s unfair to nerf dragons. Is it fair that because you invest some pennies in the game that others couldn’t enjoy the game as you do as long as they don’t invest the same amount of pennies you did? Think about it don’t be a selfish kid. The game is for all and it’s our responsibility to make it better, fair without sacrificing competitiveness.


I would highly prefer to have them both just banned from arena. I love their power in pve and bread them originally for that and would be seriously ticked off if my Murmur becomes nerfed because of just one game mode after spending 3 months breading for the damn thing. Just lock them out of Arena or get a set of nerfs that ONLY apply to them while being there. I get the frustration with them there and have it myself but cutting them down for the whole game because of 1 of the game modes we have would just… well the word starts with an “s”.


Y’all should focus more on progressing your team and skills instead of complain… one of those already was nerfed ^^


Wonder what was nerfed?

Link to Murmurs nerf and image here:



That was before the birth of Arena, if I’m not wrong? A bit irrelevant tho, these people were talking about some dragons being too strong for Arena, including GSW and Murmur.


Less complaining more grinding will get you on the top of the leaderboard believe me :wink: two previous thawfest winners have reacted to your post btw :slight_smile:


Yes and notice how both of them have a 5 star GSM and MM conveniently…

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Yes …I do have them maxed Now :joy: however when I entered the leaderboard I didn’t … and i became champion without those baby’s being maxed :wink: simply by grinding and working hard ! I raced trough the leaderboard in 4 weeks only

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4 weeks? Do you mean 4 days?

To go from nr 200 …to thawfest champion in only 4 days is pretty much impossible :sweat_smile: to do that in only 4 weeks was an accomplishment already :wink:

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You do know each thawfest season is only 2 weeks or am I not understanding clearly

I think this is absolutely right! Gritty Sawmaw is very unbalanced and it is extremely difficult to play against it in thawfest. I hope it will be nerfed one day.

Even of my whole team is like 300points stronger, I would 90% lose against this dragon .


It makes sense to me because you don’t lose all your trophies when entering the next season.

You should reread really … It took me 4 weeks to run the board and win . And yes thats two seasons :nerd_face: I know how long a season lasts :joy::joy:After the first two weeks I took rank 20 and the next I won - so that makes 4 weeks !
Wich wasn’t the point … the point was that I accomplished that without gritty and murmur being maxed out … the topic is about those OP dragons


When I see that there is a Gritty Sawmaw in the opponent Team oder harder: Sawmaw and Murmurquill, I do not attack. That Team can have 1000 points less than my team, I will loose. I have no GSM or MM. No luck to breed them… not to speak from a 5star of one of them