Can we have better spawns and incubators?

Befores the update we were promised better spawns and overall better incubators. Infact it was hinted that there would be a VIP epic dino alert too for for this update.

Ludia please can we have a better spawn rate. All we see is the same trash. Diplo, irri gen2, nunda, then our local commons and then the odd rare. Finding epics is ridiculous. The 1% chance or less you give followed by the despawn time (which we would love to see) makes it very difficult and when we do see an epic its a more a global (2.3%) than a local.

Furthernore the trash we get in battle incubators is unfair. Irritator gen 2 and stygy gen 2 and alanqa as the epic has taken the spotlight. Please change this. Even fusing has gotten harder. Im sure you guys have messed around with the %

Ludia please improve these areas for us :slight_smile:

From the players

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:rofl::joy: these kinds of posts are so good

If you dont ask you dont get :smiley: this is the only way we can comminicate to ludia

I think ludia get bored of this game and want people left playing xd

Maybe your right