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Can we have donations locked on before we donate?

Because you know how glitchy the chat is, we often end up losing DNA we actually need because the donations keep shifting around.
Just have a menu pop up first showing what we’re about to donate.


Yes, the constant shuffling is such a nuisance. It’s a prime example of a glitch that truly should have been fixed by now.


The chat is a joke.
Messages and requests disappear and re-order for no apparent reason, while ‘dead’ requests tend to stick around.

These issues have existed since the Alliance features were first launched, and Ludia haven’t bothered to fix them
We’ve been asking for them to fix since Day 1, but they decided to give us Emojis instead…


Even if they don’t fix it, they can just change how donations work at least. Most of us have discord or other means of communication, but the donations even IF the chat is fixed will be bumped up by a new request, which is why I suggest a lock-on feature.

hey. I move the chat down a little bit so that it doesnt shift and cause me to donate to something else i didnt intend to donate to. it works. but if the DNA request that I’m about to make some nice coins on is surrounded by echo requests im not taking my chances, im not donating to anything near those echo and risk chat jumping making me donate echo.

They really just have to fix all 15+ chat bugs this update.
Or else…


I’m gonna file a bug report! Ha!

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