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Can we have more direct ad?


I really enjoy playing this game and I really want to support the game. This is like the main reason I do tapjoy instead of the runes.

I cannot afford buying packs at the moment and most tapjoy deals are really tedious.

It would be nice to watch ad like in the game “Rise of Berk” as a way to support this game.


That’s REALLY good idea! I totally agree with you. I love this game, but the pay offers are so expensive and I really want to support it too.:+1::+1:

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I really like this idea too!!
Runes are pretty hard to get, and the packs are actually expensive.
I have been using Tapjoy and trying to complete the requirements it gives you to get the Runes, some isn’t too hard though!


on one hand I like the idea but Maybe only with The option To choose if you want this to Pop up or Not. there is a Risk to get bored of adds.

btw. what is tapjoy?