Can we have some in-game special events?

I played pogo for a while and maybe we can have some in-game special events as well?

Every month,
we can have:
a 3-hr unlimited coins event
a 3-hr double DNA darting event
a 3-hr 1.5 times / double fusing event

Every week,
Ludia can choose one epic to spawn more frequently in the wild.

For festivals,
I feel the past Halloween event was just not much interesting as the Pogo Halloween. We did not see more spawns of those scary dinos but just seeing them in that week’s featured dinos. JWA can have some more festival spawns events.

Any thoughts?


Good ideas. Or have supply drops give out lucky darts that can be saved in bag and give out double or triple dna when used, similar to getting scents.

Supply drops giving out lucky fusion tickets that give out say 30, 50 or 70 fuse dna that can be used on any dino.

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I love the ideas!!!

Ludia, please listen to us. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of something similar except more along the lines of a Jurassic Park/World visitor.

Dr. Wu - Increases dna awarded in fusions

Muldoon - Your aim is increased while darting, the target your shooting at is larger.

Hammond - Coin discounts on leveling as Hammond helps fund you.

Owen - Scents spawn dinosaurs a little more often.

Hoskins - Your Dino’s are better at battle. Slight increases to your damage in non-PvP battles.

Dr. Grant - increases the proximity spawn range.

It was a silly but fun thought.


Love them! We are more creative than Ludia lol

Agreed. For a Jurassic World game JW Alive has very little to do with the film apart from Chris Pratt telling us to slow down