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Can we have someone else take over the game from Ludia?

My understanding is that they have the rights from Universal to make mobile games based on the franchise. I imagine that contract is up for renewal at some point. Can we please as a community petition Universal to give the rights to someone else…anyone else who at least puts a minimum level of care into the game?


I think they do care about the game. They just don’t know how to do a game like this. They also have Jurassic world the game, two how to train ur dragon games that r good so it’s not going away. They also made jp builder which was good at the time. I think the game will start getting better once they create diversity. Boosts were meant to do that but it ended up in a stalemate cuz things got worse and only people only used boosts on good Dino’s. It was also meant to be a way to continue playing after having level 30 Dino’s so maybe boosts can only be used if ur level 20 or have a level 30 creatures. My highest creature is 25 but maybe my boosts would be rcontinued once it gets to 30


Ludia themselves are actually solid developers, I think it’s just that JWA should just have more thought out into each update, I.e. if you have to give a certain green menace a resistance to make it viable in a raid when it is already a pest, then maybe reconsider the raid’s difficulty


There’s a lot of love put into the creatures and the art. I blame the state of the game on upper management; no competent dev team would alienate their playerbase this hard and not act to correct it.


Don’t go acting like Ludia is the mobile game developer version of EA.

Ludia isn’t without fault, but they deserve better than that, because they do actually care about this game.


Didn’t work either.

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The game is exactly like dice or a slot-machine, that is the whole issue. You have no control over if you win or loose, you only have the illusion that you have some power when you know 100% of every dino stat by heart and know how to use them really well… you cant win thru grit and investment, you actually only win by skill 20% (super guesstimation number there) of the time… this is where all the frustration comes from.

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20% may be kinda high.
The skill ceiling for this game is rather low.
Once you cap team power at L30/240 boosts the deciding factor for upward momentum is to REALLY grind battles.
I’m talking hours.
Skill is a factor, but I think luck of the draw is a greater impact than 80%.

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I think they could understand this but I don’t think they will approve of this :sweat:

Leave the boosts alone! Just allow us to shuffle them more than once a year! Once a month works or every time they update the game

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