Can we have the max level at 30?

Level 20 is a very weird max number I mean most players hit max level when they’re barely half way through finishing the game (as in having level 30 creatures). Once I was able to multi fuse I went up levels really quickly and I’ve been level 20 for about a year and I only have one hybrid at level 27.
Can we PLEASE have the max level at 30 instead it just makes so much more sense.


i agree with you i hope they one day rase the max level for the player to level 30 instead of level 20. but a big update would go with that, that is what i am thinking.

O so don’t mention how I’ve played for less then a year and have a lvl 29…… ok, sry I just got a laugh when I say it. 27 still impressive. Also the creature I have at lvl 29 is erlikospyx.

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even for me who is still has not got to level 20 yet and has started from the start of the game

for the last 2 years since im lvl 20, i have to wait useless level animation for each creature fuse before touch fuse again.