Can we have tournaments with other rules?

It’s been a while since we have tournaments and they started to be repetitive.

Could you consider adding other rules?

My suggestions:

  1. Mixed rarities

    A team can be made up of different rarities, but there is a limit to the amount of each rarity.

    For example:

    • [medium collector] At most 1 unique (or apex) + at most 2 legendary or above + at most 4 epic or above + at most 6 rare or above (maxed: 1 unique + 1 legendary + 2 epic + 2 rare + 2 common, but you could have 4 epic+2 rare + 2 common). It’s equal to: at least 2 commons, at least 4 rare+common,
    • [beginner] at most 4 epic, at most 6 rares

    In that case we could use many creatures from roaster but still leave place for “not having uniques” players

  2. creatures with skills (like in trials)

    Some or all slots had restriction (like in trials): stun, bleeder, swap effect, …

Of course this could be in variants: all on 26 lvl vs player level + boosts. And combine 1+2 (something with stun + 1 unique + …).

Do you like it?

I like the idea as long as there will not be one with only swap ins or one with only stunners

Here’s my suggestion of a rule: No swap in damage.


Yes, just yes

Well yess
10 characters

How about 1 with no swap in dinos at all or swap prevent dinos, wow a tourney without rixis lol

Idk. In a Legendary and Epic skill tournament, Sarcoxisis all of a sudden is a lot easier to deal with :joy:

In this tournament rixis is utterly obliterated most of the times, so people can realize that it’s a great epic (being a superhybrid), but mediocre if compared with other rarities hybrids. The problem is wooly rhino, one of the best creature yet a non hybrid epic

I’ve always loved woolly rhino, still like his previous moveset in all honesty.

I would like to see a format where we could only enter with our lowest leveled 8 creatures.