Can we have wild spawns NOT tied to a zone

Seriously, so annoying that almost every creature seems to be tied to a Zone, or Locale. Why cant a few creatures just be released into the wild? There’s enough creatures. And a couple wild spawns won’t take away from whatever is out there now.

This isn’t even the most up to date image but…

None of these creatures are tied to a zone. If anything I think we have too many global and I would love to see an additional zone added.


Has anyone actually ever encountered a wild Parasaurolophus Lux (not from events)?
And for those who want Stegoceras can find them in the Intermediate Campaign - Stun.
Rinchenia spawned for me thrice in the Lunar New Year Event 2022.

and Struthiomimus is nowhere to be found outside of Europe and sanctuaries and incubators

Para Lux is proximity so you have to walk around and find it. I havr seen it in the wild. Stegosaurs can only be found in North and South America and Rinch is Asia, Africa, and Oceania


Yes. Only Europeans get the rare (or Epic) gift.

Oh… thanks, but I’ve never encountered one.

Yup I did, found them a few times since I started playing. As @Piere87 said they appear in proximity.

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It would be great, if Ludia can show the current local zone name (like local 1,2,3,4) on the map, so people who travel/walk/roam around a lot, can find out the zone they’re in - and may hunt for dinos specific to that zone.

They’re already spawning the dinos based on a specific local zone - so, i guess it will be simple fix to show the zone name along with it.

Hope, Ludia considers this change in the future.


It’s a global anytime proximity exclusive. You need to travel around. I found one today.

I’d go even further and divide most/some the global spawn pool into two sub-regions, to boost spawn rates of the dinos that spawn within each region. Each sub-region would encompass two zones (1 and 3 in region A, and 2 and 4 in region B, so that your region rotates every month). So higher spawn rates, but covering a larger area and rotating more often than the zones we have (and would still have under this system).

Not really. Dunno why some accounts run into them all the time and others do not despite a lot of travel and movement.

I’ve seen many para Lux before, infact I saw one just today I think I’ve seen 7-10 para lux in the wild

I keep encountering Tarbosaurus/ Ankylo G2, Oviraptor and Megistotherium but no PLux

Well p lux is rare to encounter and it should stay that way

I thought there was a cap at 2 para lux per day.
Also 7-10 legendary in a single day isn’t really believable. You likely saw normal paras and mistook them for lux.

I think he/she meant total. And lack of full stop.

I didn’t saw the part where they said one today at first.
My bad

No I saw I saw ONE para lux. I was saying that I’ve seen 7-10 wild para lux in total

Oh whoops I didn’t scroll down far enough. I really need to scroll down before posting