Can we hear from Ludia please?


I love the mods and other forum staff, heck ive been a mod.

But id love to hear from the devs from time to time.

Im not asking them to come here and start responding to forum posts, but a blog or something- just to show they hear us - would be great.

Example: where are we at with migrations? Im at the point, after spending another fruitless hour looking for dilos in 2 different parts of town, that im getting burnt out. Im not able to progress - spending money or farming. Strike events dont offer anywhere near enough dna to make a meaningful difference. What are the devs thoughts on that?



Yes they should interact more with the players…


I think number of spawns seem to be a bigger issue than the migration itself because I drive past zone 1 on a daily basis and spend majority of my time there farming for things during lunch and after work but even with scent capsules and all that effort, Dilophosaurus remain rarer than some Epics. It would help more if they can increase spawns of creatures in their respective zones.


id like to hear why they forced these scents on us by reducing epic spawns. ive been to L2 for 5 days now with no ouran in sight. not even a pyro. they would always pop up atleast once a visit. kind of taking the fun away from the hunt now. sucks and im losing interest in a game that i actually like.


Ludia did not only force the scent strikes and then reduce eoic spawn rates, they also removed 1 of the 2 epic strike towers that we get per week…it seems like they are doing this to make it harder for players so that they will spend more money. I actually already reduced my hunting time and strike tower play because of this.


There should be regular Q&A with someone at Ludia. The lurking and blaming problems on dinosaur evades responsibility. Most game company’s do better than this.


I agree and it would only improve their pr.

On the dilo part as a local 1 player i can tell you they like to spawn in the same spot… out of my entire l1 ive only ever seen them in three spots… 2 are pretty frequent… and one spot is really rare for them… where i work is another l1 and there again is 2 different spots they spawn atleast 1 a day ive seen back to back spawns though… but those are the only spots i see them.


I only see Dilo once a week, and it’s always on Thursday mornings around 8:30am within that block of apartment buildings :joy: If I can find a place to park then I can dart but it’s usually occupied because there is a Starbucks downstairs :sob:

And it’s always that lone Dilo. :laughing:


I see more irritator dna per week than dilo.