Can we just nerf indo gen 2 already

I swear this thing is worse than the rat ever was like at least with the rat you could do damage to it this thing you do anything! Wanna hit it sorry your gonna have to get thru a dodge, distraction, cleanse, speed up, or don’t forget precise. Also even if you can some do damage turn 1 it can just dodge again or just increase its damage 50% speed up and then cleanse. Now that would be bad enough but it keeps it for TWO TURNS. People who say wElL BlUe Is aN ExCluSiVe sO iT sHoUlD bE GoOd, we have had a full month and almost a half of 100 blue dna, incubator sales, hybrid pursuit and two events, and a strike event so that’s bs. Not only that echo is freaking everywhere and indom is super easy to make.
I mean I lost 10 counted 10 times in a row to it and this a perfect example of why it’s broken it just doesn’t take any damage and they can just be faster than everything. Even maxima can’t beat it 100% of the time. Freaking maxima the best 1v1 dino in the game
image image image

So what you think of indo gen 2, aka white boi, ashtray, incomeraptor, aka the cooler Daniel

  • It needs a nerf
  • It’s fine leave it
  • It needs a buff

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Mods and employees welcome to vote soo @J.C

“Just use precise, nullifying, slowing, and definite attacks. Just learn to counter it, I did, it’s so easy to beat. Totally not OP!”

edit: sarcasm


Lol let’s see precise the works oh wait it gets distracted, um nullifying that also works but oh it distracts, oh I can slow but it distracts and dodges, umm maybe I can use definite… it distracts


So ya I got nothing :rofl: actually wait…

Well I can bleed it andddddddd it can cleanse. Ummm I can dodge it ya that sure to usually work… it’s precise… well if i cloak I can oh wait it can speed up and dodge and goes thru precise, well I can stunnn… immune to stuns…I can distract it… immune to distraction.

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It cleanses Decel and speeds up at the same time too.

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Don’t forget increases it’s own speed and can buff its damage and speed for two turns

I guess maybe you’re on to something, if you really have no problem with it.
Perhaps you could share your strategies on dealing with it?
It would also help if details like levels and boosts both of your counters and your typical opponent’s Indo G2 were included, because who knows, maybe the ones you face are relatively weak.
Maybe the ones we face are just strong. Although since the majority seems to want to nerf CS, I doubt it.

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This is a good idea cause if you indo lives want it to stay then show us some counters

Oh, I was being totally sarcastic with that comment.

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:joy:. Although I could have sworn there was somebody who’s said just that before and meant it.
I don’t know who it was for sure…
Perhaps @SicilianBeast?

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Oh nooo not again

And people say that its just tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff when I mention how they monetise dinosaurs, specifically making them OP so players are assured to have it on their team.

Ok I say this to them, if they aren’t making money off it…why wont they just straight up balance it? ill wait.


Wait, a poll… that works… that… wait… it will be ignored!


Lol maybe if it beat thyla’s poll of 174 voters they might lend a ear

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Maybe a little nerf, but honestly I loose as many as I win with it because of heavy boosted creatures. At around 5100/5200 I come against more lvl 28 Thors that are faster than anything I have. Wipe the floor with with me. Maybe if the boosts were not there it would be more noticeable to me.

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Oh ya just wait till you either go unboosted or face one that also whale boosted

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IndoR G2 is beatable but given how boosted it usually is, it is hard to kill. I have lost many a time using it against Ardent and Dioraja. Quetzorion beats it too if the speed difference is there.


And that’s why there shouldn’t be any exclusives. Imagine everything spawning global. Ludia wouldn’t have any arguments for creating broken creatures, and we would have much more variety when hunting

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Yeah mate, have been against a couple of indo g2 whales one wiped out the team the other got bad strikes and lost to mine that was much lower. :rofl:

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