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Can we just pause for a minute

First off … tournaments/championships are great; the community is buzzing … all good, or is it?

This championship has seen a scramble like no other, players poached, incentives offered, new alliance rules …

I’m not judging … each to their own … but please …

Watch out for one another, your alliance team mates, your friends … skill tournaments the pressure is time … advantage the pressure is levelling, boosting … vulnerable people will spend more than they should to stay competitive … this game is addictive … Ludia made it that way …

Stay safe, stay well … mentally, physically … that member in a list is a person … treat them like one.


I get where you are coming from with this post, but I do have to say that asking alliance members to at least do the ten takedowns every week seems pretty reasonable to me.


That’s why my people are only required to do their 10 takedowns.
Nothing more, anything else needs to come out of them.

That’s more or less my kind of ruling…
I want a group of people willing to do always the bare minimum. Then, if they feel like it, anything extra is very appreciated.

But I imagine that the higher you get, the more draconian the rules are.
I don’t like that, that pressure, that micromanaging… not my thing.

Thanks for putting this out.


Can’t pause an online game.


I ask for participation bonus each tournament and I prefer my team to try other than bare minimum. As new players inquire to join my team that are trying in tournaments I replace the bare minimum players. I offer to re-home them to another alliance in our Co-Op. it’s not like I throw them to the wolves. I’ve given everyone the expectations and they’ve all acknowledged it so nothing should come to a surprise to any of them. I’m now thinking the 10 takedowns should be performed on the first 24 hours and if it isn’t it’s obvious they aren’t really trying and just in it for the rewards while others on the team are fighting the frustration and doing countless battles. I have a hardcore alliance, play that way or be honest and I’ll help you get another good alliance. Seems fair right?


As I said … not judging anyone or saying how anyone should run an alliance …

@Schtemty I agree, I don’t see that getting the takedown bonus as a minimum is in anyway unreasonable.

@Phil respect to how you run things and fully appreciate the ARK (and other co-ops) support network that allows members to find an alliance with the activity level that works for them; I personally don’t see the need for a time limit … real life can dictate availability … but again communication is king …

@Viatovic sounds like you have a good balance.

Commitment is not a bad thing; shared goals are not a bad thing … in fact common goals are a good thing … the likes on this post and the lack of vitriolic responses is encouraging.


It is so much harder and I’m sure much more frustrating for those that haven’t unlocked the relevant dinos required. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m really compassionate and I honestly haven’t been a huge fan of making 10 takedowns mandatory. The game is supposed to be fun and I’ve never forced members to battle so this has just been an additional factor in keeping things fair overall.


The fact some alliances are forcing players into tournaments is quite worrying. I am all for asking players to play Tournament for 15 to 20 mins just to get 10 takedowns and then do what they like but expecting to maintain your Championship Rank at X position is kinda off.

It is a game so dun be too serious. We dun burn out the players who love the game just for a bit more bragging.rights or a hundred unique DNA.


I go off of the game for 20 minutes and my rank goes “Adios”

Some of my players are getting swept and it would be great if they could get it done in that time frame. I’m ready to make a change and make it mandatory for anyone that has reached level 20 or something so our members don’t get too frustrated. Sometimes less than perfect is perfect :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not just about tourneys like @PQC said. It is about treating players like people instead of building blocks.


You’re correct, it is just a game. However, some people such as myself have “hardcore alliances” if you don’t want to be in one then you don’t have to be. There are plenty of “casual alliances” to be in.

If you want to be in an alliance like mine then I want to have like minded players with me. An alliance where everyone pulls their weight equally and we aren’t giving free rides.

It’s not necessarily us leaders “forcing” players to do tournaments. Ludia is the one who changed the game. The same way they didn’t “force” everyone to use/purchase boost or use indo g2, Draco, boosted Thor, procerat, and others. Ludia calls the shots and alliance leaders strategize and organize their alliances towards these goals.

Had Ludia not made alliance championships, I could care less if my team did tournament. I would tell them to play tournament for battles if they were worried about losing trophies before.

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Excellent post. It’s easy to get caught up in all the competitiveness, but I try to find a balance and never forget that these are real people in my alliance, all of whom are affected by what’s going on in the world. Many of us have been together since the day alliances were introduced and I consider us friends.

I’m strongly encouraging my members to get 10 takedowns - nothing more, it really isn’t unreasonable in 3 days of tournament - and offer incentives. However, I understand that everyone has a RL that has to come first and think it’s wrong to threaten to kick them if they don’t or can’t do it every time.

We reached tier 8 last time, everyone participated, I’m happy with that. Being on top of the leaderboard isn’t that important if it means losing good people.


Alliance leaders, no matter how well their alliance is doing up there, should never forget that some people just like to spin, hunt and dart more than to battle. And as that’s just as much an essential part of this game as well, they shouldn’t force people to do something they just don’t like.

Also as tournaments are always during weekends, you shouldn’t forget there are dads in your alliance that get their precious (Bi-)weekly time with their kids or even kids that get their precious time with their parents or (bi-) weekly time with one of them. Some people work full throttle the entire week and just need their QT with their families or loved ones… nobody, NOBODY has a right to force anybody into doing the tournament or even “only” doing 10 takedowns.

If your members are active (battling or hunting) they all contribute towards your missions. All in their own way and within their possibilities. You’re not running a small company (although it may feel that way, as I already wrote several posts about) you’re not gaining anything from the rewards that benefits your family or theirs in any way (unless you hunt and battle together with them) it’s a game and you have no right to force your personal goals onto anyone.

You can ask your members to participate, we do. We even tell our lower levelled players they shouldn’t bother if tournament means they lose 4-5 times but that their 1000 points help us all get better rewards. If they don’t enter, they don’t have to. No penalty, no kick. Nobody likes getting slaughtered, and maybe they have other reasons not to enter. I don’t care. Most of my members do it, just because we ask them to that’s awesome. But they shouldn’t feel forced to do anything. This game is just as much enjoyment to them as it is to me and it should stay that way. If I start forcing them for my own enjoyment I take away their enjoyment. How is that justifiable?


Poezzie I do understand what you are saying and that’s your perspective, which you’re entitled to have.

However you say that no one should force someone to do something they don’t enjoy. This is where you and I disagree because I don’t see that having a requirement in an alliance is ‘forcing’ anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. If the alliance requires anything you don’t want to do, you can just leave and find one that suits you.

While I accept that there will be cases of people feeling like alliance members are more than just that, friends even, my experience is that the players who don’t do the ten takedowns are the non communicative players and that kind of negates that theory.

In any team based game a certain amount of team play will come up. If someone is only interested in hunting dinos and doesn’t want to battle then nothing is stopping them. But they may well need exclusive dinos which tournament rewards may help with. Not to mention the fact that so many alliance members will be excited for the rewards at the end of the month. It could be their chance for their first unique! So an alliance member who says they don’t want to battle, despite the rest of the alliance wanting to see a group effort for the best rewards, is for many alliances, a member who isn’t a team player and may need replacing.

As I’ve often said, an alliance is a team. There is no I in team. If you want to be part of a team that will require a certain amount of team play. From not much at all in some alliances, to a heck of a lot in others. There is an alliance out there that will suit every player. And it’s not my place or anyone else’s to decide how any alliance should be run. The emphasis of the op was to treat everyone as a person and I 100% agree with that. That does however extend to the alliance members who coast along in an active alliances enjoying the rewards that they don’t contribute to!


Once 5PM on Friday hits, it’s beach, Park, or vacation time till Monday.
It’s a struggle to knock out the bare minimum.
I cant be the only one.
Getting 10 takedowns is fine for my alliance.
There’s an alliance out there for everyone.
It’s a non-issue.

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If the requirements were set you’d be right. But for the last year many of this game’s requirements changed. This is where members who’ve always been valuable to their alliance just hunting and doing their thing, all of a sudden get pushed for more than just that and with that, their value becomes a waisted spot. That’s something we all need to be careful with. Sure they may or may not get rewards they didn’t particularly contribute a whole lot to but never forget that all the time before tournaments or even championship became an issue they were the ones that brought in the exploration missions (and most likely still do).

To each his own as to how to manage your alliance. I’m just seeing a lot of members getting the boot, only because the game changed and the alliances harden.


That is what is happening in our alliance though, but what we’re seeing is that the people who can’t manage to do 10 takedowns in a weekend are people who play extremely casual. They don’t contribute in any way towards any of the achievements. Sure, they might be TC for most interactions every now and then, but that’s easy when you save it up for 3 days.

And the game changes, requirements for alliances change too. If you can singlehandedly make sure your alliance reaches rank 9 instead of 8, and you’re not doing it, then you are responsible for the loss of 50 times 750 brachi and 150 maxima. It’s selfish, and you should leave an alliance that has many people who do try their best.
Even alliances that “only” reach rank 6 or 7 have lots and lots of people who do their best to get everyone great rewards. If some people just don’t care, they should leave. Or at least have an open discussion about it. For me (and I know schtemty agrees), people who don’t communicate whatsoever should not be in an alliance that tries to achieve any goal.


Nice one, for example im on a point when i feel upset whit mostly pvp battles i fight, due to every opponent team compositions (always the same dinos) or the disadvantage compared to fighting to thoras and erlidoms whit 5 or 7 levels more and load of boost. Since i desided to stop fighting every day and just playing a bit yo only unlock the DBI im less tilted whit the game.

Sorry but this was not part of the discussion at any point. Obviously in that case you should part. But “people that can’t manage 10 takedowns just don’t care”? Sorry that’s utter rubbish. Just gave you quite some examples of situations where they do care but just decide to care a bit more about their loved ones than the alliance. And believe it or not… they have a right to and they should