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Can we keep epic spawns like this forever?

Seriously. There’s a lot to complain about these days but man, these epic spawn rates are awesome! I’ve seen 4 darwin and a brachio today, and I didn’t even go out much! This is really encouraging players to go out more and search for epics now that one can reasonably expect to leave their house and come home having darted at least 1 epic.


There is an event for epic spawns currently but quite frankly, the current level of spawns is what it should have always been - played this since release and the current spawn mechanics and rates are so garbage compared to early in the game, but we just got used to how bad they are…


That’s what I was thinking, finally back to how it should be. We shouldn’t have to buy scents to be able to dart them.


Yeah I know it’s for an event, but it really does remind me of back when seeing epics was a pretty regular occurrence. It should always be like how it is right now. I just got back from darting YET ANOTHER darwin, which allowed me to unlock daryx.

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Lucky you, I have seen only 2 epics this whole week and I play 4-5 hours a day.

Wow, that’s some bad luck there. I usually see at least 1 epic a day (rarely none) even without the high rates. Usually it’s a T.Rex or SpinoG2. I walk for 1-2 hours almost daily.