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Can we log in on the same account on two devices?


My wife wants to play on my account when she travels today. Can I allow her to log in on my account from another phone without troubles?


If only one of you is on the account at once than I see no problem. I also play on phone and tablet - not on both at the same time.

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As long as she doesn’t waste your money and bucks on incubators… What can go wrong?

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Lol! She better not haha. But she doesn’t want to start her own because she wont play enough to progress. So I figure hey can give me some boosts then. Thanks for replies all.

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We can, I’ve been doing that. I have 2 phones, 1 provided by my office as we aren’t allowed to take our phones inside office floor. If I’m logged in on 1 device and open game on another, it gives me a message you’re logged in on another device, and it gives an option to reconnect, which logs you out from other device. That is basically to ensure that only 1 session of game is running at a time.

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