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Can We Make "Pass Turn" an Official Option Instead of Covert?

We really would have a lot more fun with a Pass option as it would make battles more fun and strategic with the unpredictability of never knowing when your opponent may just not attack.

Before some say no… we already have this feature unofficially. It’s called Instant Invincibility. I understand it still does something as a defensive barrier, but that’s not the point. The point is it would be nice to have a base option across the board for every dinosaur of doing nothing via a Pass Turn option.

It’s a deadly risk or a needed reward. You risk losing by not striking, however, you could avoid counter attacks this way Sometimes this could help you win. Maybe put a cooldown on passing, but what made me come up with this idea wasn’t even Arena, it was Raids.

I shouldn’t be penalized for being too good. So now we have to downplay how powerful we are… because we end up a Turn ahead and some people forget to save their opening moves for the beginning of next Round… So to help avoid this we could have Pass Turn as an option help with keeping the flow of strategies when ahead.


I think this is a great idea!

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For raids I’ve found that using the basic strike will keep your damage low enough if you need to stall. It’s only happened with Hadros tho

only thing we would need to figure out is if Passing would use up a charge of buffs/debuffs or not. things like ferocity, cloak, and distractions specifically because attacks play a big part of their dissipation as well as turns.

other than that specific issue, i see no problem with it.

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There are already 97 creatures having a priority move that doesn’t deal damage. There would be more if non priority ones are included. That’s roughly half of the Dinodex.

This search results shows the 97 creatures.

I’ve wondered about a pass option myself. Sometimes I’d rather not make a move as it would cost me the battle. This would help with that.

There is kind of a pass button in pvp. If you’re playing against something with no escape you can swap. If you aren’t immune to swap prevention, then you will stay but your turn will be skipped

But you still risk an On Escape Attack in specific situations. The key thing here is not Instant Distraction or something that times out, but Pass Turn being something you actively play as much as you wish versus being on a cooldown maybe.

What should also come with this is Surrender in Arena, Friendly Battles and Campaign just like in Raids.

@Qaw I’m curious. How do you feel about this? At first I thought you responded, but that was @Qiew

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Yeah, we also had the “too much damage” issue, but we managed to deal with it. In raids I think this would be a cool addition, but how it would interact with the turn and attack system like @Qiew said would need to be addressed.

I think a cooldown would be necessary, at least in the arena, because there are situations where you have 2 counter-attackers and both stall for ages to avoid hitting each other (Dio vs Dio, Grypolyth vs Grypolyth, Carnotarkus vs Carnotarkus, Dio vs Grypolyth and so on).

Otherwise it could be a raid-specific feature.


Well there is a cool feature in a game called Mafia where if everyone stays very idle and no mafia night kill then the town is threatened with a meteor and if they remain idle and no one is lynched by day nor killed by night then it hits and everyone loses. So just have an EXTINCTION Timer and consider it a Draw. Easy. See. There. I fixed it.

That already exists in the game, it’s just that it understandably takes a very long time to get there, and I think it’s safe to say a battle that long isn’t fun, since the only way that can happen is if you have one of those nonsensical stalling matchups (I once faced a Grypolyth with my Diorajasaur, and we stalled for so long that they just gave up and swapped, and even then we didn’t hit the turn limiter, so…yeah). But even those stalling matchups aren’t as bad as a situation in which you can just sit there without your creature making any move.

There would definitely have to be some other way of controlling the new feature’s use too.

Ooh! How about we keep it that way! It would be cool to see a Meteor.

But, if not we could just have it auto-choose a move after three idle turns in a row or you can not Pass more than two consecutive turns. That actually seems fair. Let’s go with that.

Well, there’s no meteor, but other than that it’s basically the same as what you described.

Let’s say you’re using Diorajasaur against Grypolyth. Dio has 2 zero damage stalling moves already, that it can alternate for 3 turns. If it could add 2 extra turns of doing nothing then it could stall literally indefinitely. And if you change the moves themselves, that would effect a lot of Raid strategies that people rely on. If you give Dio different moves, that would also affect people’s raid strategies, while also changing the matchups, and not necessarily for the better.

I think making it a raid only feature would be better.

Yeah, but I thought you didn’t agree with catering to the few rare encounters in this game when talking about how the system functions…

That isn’t a Rare encounter though. It happens all the time. And there are other examples of other creatures with the same outcome. I already mentioned Grypo vs Grypo, Grypo vs Tarkus, etc.

Not really. Do you have proof of this?
Either way there is a timer. I want a fair everyone has a Pass situation.

Only my own experience. I only used Diorajasaur for a few days and it happened to me, and I used both Dio and Grypo in the tournament and it happened a couple of times. I know both creatures are prevalent in the top arenas, so statistically even if it didn’t happen to me it still happens to other people. I know for a fact that Grypo vs Grypo happens because multiple players have complained about it in the past (I don’t use Grypolyth) and I have Carnotarkus vs Grypolyth happen every now and then, even though Grypolyth isn’t very common in low Library.

Besides this isn’t about creature balancing. It’s about both players refusing to budge because they know that they’ll take damage. Winning by inaction is a weird concept, and not a fun one.
In raids it shouldn’t be a problem because you’re not going to be spamming pass, and even if you do, the boss isn’t going to get bored of that.

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See, that’s personal. It doesn’t account for the community at large and those two dinosaurs will not always be popular forever. They rise and fall. Simply stop using them if it bothers you and the problem is solved or simply Surrender. Have you not seen that above? I emboldened it.

They’re Uniques. They have a tendency to be popular, in fact, Ludia makes it that way. If they fall, you can be sure that they’ll rise again.

Okay. That’s fine if it’s just me who has a problem with it. But if not then it’ll become a problem Ludia’s going to have to think about. You could always start a poll or something. Maybe people don’t care. I’m just making an educated guess.