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Can We Make "Pass Turn" an Official Option Instead of Covert?

I just wanted what you said in the first part of the response because it proves my point from a week ago in an entirely different debate. Finally!

The fact that Uniques will be good most of the time? What point does that prove?

No. It’s a bit more specific than that. There’s a real deeper point and it has to do with playing this game smarter.

Is it…related to Indoraptor G2?

I’m not going there. You confirmed my point. I won. I’m good with that.

Ok, think whatever you want if it makes you happy. I don’t lose anything anyhow.

You do. The argument. And so do they…

An argument that is lost only in your mind doesn’t affect me. Nor does it anyone else.

But if you literally agree with me, even unknowingly you confirm such a thing. You literally just agreed to something you previously did not agree with just a week ago. This means that I win, whether your mind was changed, whether you unconsciously spoke against yourself or just blatantly lied. Either way, it doesn’t matter because when someone disagrees with someone else and then a conclusion is reached where both parties agree there is a clearly identifiable concession at which time a point of view is deemed the clear and precise winner and that would be… Mine.

Deemed by you, one of the participants. Not very fair now, is that? The fact that the other participant is oblivious means that one of 4 scenarios is taking place.

1)You’re lying
2)I’m lying
3)You’re mistaken
4)I’m mistaken

The fact that a source that cannot reasonably be expected to be unbiased is choosing which of the 4 is occurring makes it a lot less clear and precise than you say. It is your opinion that you won, it is mine that I have not. 50/50. Unless both agree on some common ground or an unbiased party can be introduced to this mess, this will remain without a unanimously satisfactory conclusion.

Not true. Think about this for a second. If I say that 2 + 2 = 4 and you say 2 + 2 = 47 and a week and some days go by and in a new thread you completely agree that there is only one true answer to 2 + 2 and it is indeed 4. Then you just confirmed the previous point whether you recall the argument or not. The fact remains a fact. You can’t argue that because both you and I know for a fact that 2 + 2 does indeed equate to 4.

You can always go research our past encounters. You’ll find it. I’m sure. You weren’t the primary, for the record.

Only you know if that analogy is apt. So while I do agree that 2=2, we’re nowhere closer to reaching a conclusion.

You did that on purpose didn’t you? 2=2 was not the example although it’s not relevant. I feel as though you are simply mad I won’t confirm the argument I won… You want me to so badly. And you only want me to do so so you can backtrack. But you can never take back what you just stated. And it’s sweet because it literally is you going through the exact same thing I went through in another thread, yet that is not the argument I’m speaking of, it is another. Funny how everything goes back in a circle.

Ah, sorry, I didn’t bother reading the whole analogy. My bad.

Hmm. So either you’re a magnet for people with bad arguments, or…

You know what? I give in. If it gives us both peace of mind, I owe that to the two of us. As long as you don’t use this against me in the future in anything more than an ego-deflating manner. I still don’t know what you’re talking about, but I will go on record stating that you won the argument.

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Very well. I agree to these terms. I shall also bake a cake with sprinkles and save the date!

But wait… what do you mean used against you?

I mean that you don’t get to say that I consciously agreed with your side of the argument. Which I think you’ll agree is true anyway.

See. Now that sounds like a sour grapes submission. I thought you understood where I was coming from earlier with the whole if we both know 2 + 2 = 4 and disagreed a week ago, but now both agree then I don’t have anything to prove to you because you admitted it.

Isn’t the point that I admitted it unconsciously? You won’t tell me what the argument was because then at least one of us will come up with some seemingly nonsense argument and this thread will get closed too a couple of tens of posts later. So be happy with what you deem to be a half-hearted submission, or none at all.

I’m not the sort to stall with nonsense when I think I’m wrong, and I would very much like to know if I am wrong. I know what it’s like to have to deal with someone who is unable to admit wrongdoing (I’m not talking about the forums here) and I am paranoid about being that way myself. I cannot tell what sort you are, but I do know that one way or another, you seem to have a talent for getting threads closed.

But anyway, I’m convinced that your mind isn’t going to change, and if our last conversations are any indication, neither is mine.
So let’s just save the mods and ourselves the trouble and drop it.
I think that’s a fairly neutral way to end it.

For what it’s worth @Qaw I would like to let you know that out of everyone on these forums you’re my favorite poster here. I might be a little different, but I enjoy exchanges like ours more because it’s not just a bunch of people going “I agree” and then thread over. A true discussion is usually, not always, one where there is inherent disagreement and a need to get to the bottom of it. I also like how it unravels and being caught off guard. No one gives me that thrill quite like you do. Especially when you quote me and ask me how this matches up with that. I kind of got to do that to you here.

I would hope that others can understand this. Agree to disagree is cute, but unrealistic in societal progression. I like to think and when people can make me think about what’s being said on both ends and such it’s cool to be swayed and or see if your side holds up more. It’s nice to have a compelling argument to go up against. And it goes both ways. Just as much as I hate generic “I agree” comments, the same goes for “No. NO. And do not ask again.” or “That’s just ridiculous.” I like to have an in-depth discussion about what we like and what we don’t like.

I was actually contemplating, but I feel it is only fair to tell you I know on a deeper level you truly can tell which debate it was based off of what the statement is that is extremely similar, but different in one minor way from a categorical stance of how it is worded. I also thought about bringing it up the next time someone inevitably disagrees with me on it because just like that other thread with the fusing, I’m in the minority on this one. Everyone else just… plays differently.

It’s unfortunate that I had a person like you in a Discord server I’m no longer apart of who could give me that same interaction. They always asked when we were getting married. Then this one day we agreed on something and broke the server.

Well, it wasn’t a wholly unpleasant experience from my end either. It was definitely engaging. Whichever one of us was wrong, we definitely did rather well keeping it going for so long.
It’s just that life is picking up the pace with me, I simply can’t afford to spend so much time debating.
Besides, the forums can’t handle it.

So we’re going to have to cut down on the long-drawn conversations from now on. But I wish you well, may we both be self-aware always.